Whats for Dinner?

I have enjoyed using that book since I got it last year. Here's a list of the recipes I have made from it.

Seared Nordic Barnacles
Lavender and Honey Bread
Pea Soup
Chicken Dumplings

My girlfriend loves the barnacles (seared scallops with bacon).
I made the "Chicken Dumplings" from the Elder Scrolls cookbook tonight. Though I think they're more like hand pies. Tasted freaking amazing though.

2021-01-01 18.18.02.jpg
Orange Chicken. Definitely over steamed the broccoli while I was managing the double batch of this but otherwise will definitely make it again.

I made the "Chicken Dumplings" from the Elder Scrolls cookbook tonight. Though I think they're more like hand pies. Tasted freaking amazing though.
I've also done the braised rib and farro stew. And just the other day I tried the Companions meatball bake. Not bad, but hard to find the right dish for baking it. It came out way underdone and I had to microwave everything.
I blended the crap out of them. I have two immersion blenders and I used the beast to pulverize them.
To be fair, I think refried beans are one of the only beans that don't go over well in this house, too. Black beans and/or kidney beans are regular parts of our meals. But if they were yummy, more for you!
I had sausage, eggs, pancake mix (though it's also easy enough to make from scratch), cheese and kitchen rounds. And I got plenty of sleep so I wasn't drag-ass this morning. Result:

Homemade sausage mcgriddles.
I tried making chili last night. I ended up burning the chili. It was still delicious.

I'm now thinking it's impossible to make bad chili.
I cook a lot of things, but baking is not my strong suit. So I got a beginners cookbook a while back when pandemic buying had the grocery stores empty of bread.

The book recommended some equipment I didn't have, so i just made bread in the bread machine while I waited for it to arrive.

As it happened, by the time my banneton arrived, the stores had bread again, so my bread book went on a shelf.

Now that I'm not schooling, I have more free time. Behold, my first country loaf of homemade bread!
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With the angle I took the shot, it's hard to get an idea of the size and height of the loaf. This pic is the 2nd slice off of the loaf. It's probably 1/2" taller in the very middle. The bread has that nice crispy, flaky outside, with a soft, chewy inside. It's close to as good as any dome-style loaf I've gotten at the grocery store.
You could actually hear the crust crackling as the bread cooled, which I thought was neat.

This might just be the best looking loaf of bread I've ever baked. I split it in half and turned it into a garlic loaf, but set aside a portion untoasted for my niece, who refused to eat the spaghetti I made for I had committed the sin of adding the sauce directly to the pasta instead of serving it separately for her to pour on top.