Whats for Dinner?

There's a reason so many of his videos get some backlash. His curries aren't curry by any Indian standard. His bouillabaisse even I wouldn't recognise. His spaghetti bolognaise is a lot of things, but not something they'd recognize in Bologna (and it's not al ragu, either). He doesn't even do his French fries properly.
Thank goodness for Google Translate
(edit: based on the flavor, their "secret red powder" is a mix of paprika and cayenne)
(edit 2: Look at the big brain on Tinwhistler! See that sticker they stuck on the box in the lower right quadrant? You know, the one with English instructions?)


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I once stuck my hand to the leather couch with underwater coral securing glue. I made a mess of the couch pulling my hand away.

I also glued my brother in law’s butt to the kitchen counter while trying to repair a shoe. I no longer handle any serious glue.

Neither if those were Gorilla Glue. I can’t begin to imagine spraying that in my hair....

She was correct about one thing. The Got 2 B Glued spray is unequaled. We used that to cement down ballet buns
So I was basically (a steal of a price) given a Pampered Chef air fryer and I tried it out tonight for the first time on chicken wings. Top fucking notch. I can't believe how good plain old chicken wings turn out in an air fryer.

Use a tiny fraction of the butter the recipe called for for pub wings and brother, you got a moderately healthy meal goin'.

I forgot to take pictures. There are no wings left.


Home made garlic fingers and bacon, green peppers and olive pizza.

The bacon? Home made bacon bits!

Viva la dehydrator! Viva la vacuum sealer! Vila la salt!
I tried my hand at making paella last night for the first time.

To be precise, I made something that a Spaniard would beat me up for, because I dared to call this abomination a paella.

No saffron, so I used curry powder to season the rice. No paella pan so I just used a normal saucepan. And I just tossed random vegetables and seafood into it.

Still tasty though.