amagurumi and other crochet stuff


about 40% done.
This yarn is like sport weight (size 3) so I'm having to use a smaller hook. Any time I have to make one of those narrow bits, it tires my hands out.
Receiving blanket in "mini-v" stitch. About 10 rows in, I noticed I'd dropped a stitch about 5 rows back. I figured the baby won't notice and didn't want to frog it. But I started taking my own advice and use stitch markers at each end for the rest of the blanket.
1683388039613.png 1683388059914.png
I downloaded a pattern for crochet sushi. I didn't like the techniques or how they worked up. And i thought the shrimp looked pretty terrible. So, i said "Meh, I've been doing this like a year and a half. Surely I can design my own." Voila.

20230508_205239.jpg 20230509_114801.jpg 20230509_125653.jpg
Onto the next project. Gotta make about 70 little skulls, turn them into granny squares, and then make something from those squares. It's actually going faster than I anticipated.

to follow up on the granny square skull thing I mentioned a few posts back: I decided to make pants, and found a model for those pants. So, now that I have measurements I can move forward with that project. Here's a bunch of granny square skulls laid out kind-of pants-like.