Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

When I was still waiting tables some kid ran in front of me. I was carrying a tray full of weizenbier which were blocking my sight.
Punted the kid like 1,5m across the floor. The twist was, the mom apologized to me for not having her kid under controll. Almost made me feel sorry.

Didnt spill the beer though.


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The version by Smashmouth is a GREAT - I can't stress this enough, GREAT - entrance song for wedding parties to the reception. It's got a lot of hooks and once you announce the bride & groom you can immediately crank the music up and it sounds like you planned it the whole time.
Local bookstore is promoting an online event for the book "Growing Weed in the Garden" on 4/20, starting at 4pm, so the clock will also hit 4:20 during the event.