Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

There was an old joke that used this same sort of setup. It goes:

A physics professor was caught running a red light and given a ticket. He went before the judge and pled his case saying that at the speed he was going, the light looked green to him. The judge, who knew his physics as well, told him fine, the ticket for running the red light would be dropped. Instead, he would simply be fined $1 for every mile per hour he was exceeding the speed limit.
So I'm on because I want to make an oblique Gilligan's Island reference, and I need a word that kiiinda sounds like "skipper" but actually isn't, and then I notice something strange in the results:

anylastwords.png's like the extra comma almost suggests that there's supposed to be a word in there, but for some reason it went missing. How unusual. Must be some kind of weird database error.

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That's it. That's the sign. We've now officially rolled over into the next generation.
No more GenX, GenY, Millenials. I vote we call the new one GenW/E, or "The Whatevs," for short.

It's possible, especially considering the prequels are less-beloved, but every time I see this I have to wonder if it's someone trolling Star Wars fans, because HEAVEN KNOWS what a calm and rational group they can be.