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No, I'm gonna stick to my initial statement. Feeling the need to put "fuck you Greta" on your car is an incredibly weak move and frankly embarrassing
I understand that. I don't really see it as any more or less weak than "Fuck Trump", though. They're both loudmouthed aggressive figureheads for a specific doctrine. I may agree witho ne more than the other, but they're still both blowhards. One is physically uderaged, one mentally.
Of course, I think practically anytype of "fuck X" bumpersticker is an incredible sign of weakness.
One's a European pro-environment teenager and the other was the president of the United States, don't even try to equate them. Fuck.
practically anytype of "fuck X" bumpersticker is an incredible sign of weakness.
It's a mark of giving up. Just like if one side of a debate suddenly responded with, "Y'know what? Fuck you and your stupid ideas!" rather than continuing with more traditionally intelligent discourse.

On a related note, multiple houses down the road from me are flying this banner on the fronts of their houses:


The house directly across the street from one of them has hoisted this in response:


I imagine the Summer parties around here are going to be booming.

Is there something about being from Europe that makes you exceptionally stupid when it comes to bothsidesism or is it just this forum?
Kind of seems that the anti-Greta campaign was just tailored better for european tastes as opposed to most of the ones that failed because they where too american-like.
Back when I was in the army, we got an evening off to leave the barracks and go wander around a bit, and I found myself in a bookstore. I thought to myself, "Hmm, why not get a book or two to while away the dull hours in the barracks?" I wanted to get a book in English, cause my English is better than my Chinese, but unfortunately the bookstore didn't have a large selection of English books. There were the latest hits, of course, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Hunger Games, but I'd either already read them or wasn't interested. In the end I had to choose between getting Atlas Shrugged and Angels and Demons (the prequel to the Da Vinci Code).

I went for Angels and Demons in the end, and by all indications I made the right choice. I also got the latest issue of National Geographic.


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"We cheated & doped up our horse, but it's everyone else's fault for testing better." Oh and please ignore the other times my horses have popped blood/urine tests.
Meyers: I did a little research and I discovered a startling thing...There was violence in the past, long before cartoons were invented.

Kent: I see. Fascinating.

Meyers: Yeah, and know something, Karl? The Crusades, for instance. Tremendous violence, many people killed, the darned thing went on for thirty years.

Kent: And this was before cartoons were invented?

Meyers: That's right, Kent.
What we really need to find out is who that first guy was who figured out how to shift blame onto other people, and then we need to eliminate all of his descendants.