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Humble Bundle celebrates it's 10th anniversary with Humble Indie Bundle 21 and it's kinda underwhelming. There are good games in the list, but I've never heard of either of the games in the $15 tier. I also have 3 of the 7 games from previous bundles or Twitch Prime.

A post on Reddit theorizes that they used some of the deals planned for this bundle to make the COVID-19 Bundle, and that would make a lot of sense. It's not a bad bundle, just not as impressive as a 10th Anniversary deserves.

Anyway, the games:
- Hotline Miami
- Beat Cop
- Dustforce DX
... and the non-game Hamble Wallpaper Pack and Hamble Coloring Pages

Beat the Average
- Moonlighter (w/ coupon for 25% OFF Moonlighter: Between Dimensions DLC)
- Gato Roboto
... with more coming next week.

- Hypnospace Outlaw
- Starbound
Hypnospace Outlaw looks fascinating. Somehow you play as someone who has to police the internet in the 90's, which involves recreating a lot of weird shit from that time period.

I'm not sure how you capture the magic that was "Mr. T Ate My Balls", but if they can do it, I'd pay for it.


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Epic is determined to gain market share, they're giving away GTA 5 right now... but it is on the Epic Game Store, so....
A friend bought me an Epic store exclusive game so I voiced my chagrin and downloaded it. It's as bad as you think it is. But if they are giving away a game and get no money for it...


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A friend bought me an Epic store exclusive game so I voiced my chagrin and downloaded it. It's as bad as you think it is. But if they are giving away a game and get no money for it...
My problem is that Tencent owns 40% of the Epic Games, and I'm bothered by a Chinese company having so much control over gaming.


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For all the controversy generated by Night Trap, it was hilariously cheesy campy proto-FNAF inanity. Just 1990 parents couldn't deal with teenagers showing their midriffs.


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I'll download everything they have as long as I'm not giving them any money. IN fact, they lose money when you do it. Win-win!
Meh, I don't care. I have GoG, Steam, Epic, Origin. If GasBandit came to my house, he'd have to use hand sanitizer after touching the keyboard ;)
I already had Epic installed before the game store was even a thing for Unreal Engine. I'm happy to take the free games as it throws them at me, but I'm probably not going to pay money through anything that's not on Steam. But I see it only as a good thing to have more competition, Steam was admittedly getting stale before other stores started popping up.

Also I wonder if this means the free games weekly feature is going away soon if they're now breaking out all the AAA titles as a finale.
Itch.Io has a bundle right now for over SEVEN HUNDRED GAMES, with a minimum donation of $5. Though not just video games. Looks like there's some tabletop RPG stuff in there, too. There's...a lot to look at. They're all with direct download, so no Steam keys, but there are some really solid indie games among it like Oxenfree, Night in the Woods, A Short Hike, and Minit.

Keep in mind: these are direct download only. No Steam keys.

Best of all, all proceeds go towards the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

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Snake Pass is available to claim for free for the next two days. Fun little game, honestly. It's kind of a platformer, but instead of jumping around, you wrap yourself around things.

Also, Journey is now available on Steam. It was a PS3/PS4 exclusive for years. Then it popped up on the Epic Game Store. Now on Steam. And for a limited time, if you buy Journey, you also get the developer's previous game, Flower. Just need to add Journey to your cart and buy it on its on and Flower is added automatically.