[Announcement] Halforums Party Game Night! (First Friday of every month) (Formally Jackbox)


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Last night was a lot of fun. I'd like to nominate two other possible games for us to play in future months - Gang Beasts and Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Now for the bad news. I probably won't be able to play September 3rd. Any chance we could move it back a week again?
We're being generous with the word "animate". Still looks like fun, though. Until the horrors we're undoubtedly going to create.

I'm sorry in advance, Luca.
Ok, I figured that might be the case, but I wanted to make sure! My last few days have been incredibly busy and I'm trying to reorganize my brain. :confused:
We can Jackbox, we can do more Pico Park. If anyone wanted to, we could try Golf with your Friends. It's $15 on steam though.
I might actually end up late or not making it, will let you guys know. But probably just late? I know a bunch of you have Jackbox stuff though, so you can get on without me for a bit if needed.
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