[Announcement] Halforums Party Game Night! (First Friday of every month) (Formally Jackbox)

I always think about posting in here that I can't make it...but I haven't been able to make it in like 10 weeks. This weekend is no exception. Lotta stuff going on in my life that I gotta stuff into friday night/the weekends
The only Friday I'll be available other than 11/5 is 11/19. I have an interview on Saturday in the AM on 11/13 in Cleveland for a residency program. Could do that Saturday night though. Thanksgiving Friday I'll be in Connecticut.
I probably could. I'm in huntsville at the moment, but I don't think it will keep me TOO late...
Ooo, say hi to Cranky for me, he's down there right now, too.
Taking my friend who I convinced to get vaxxed out to a churrascaria by way of a reward for being a good girl :D I'll be on if I make it back in time.
You'll be on if you can stay awake after eating eight pounds of roasted meat and pineapple.