LOL Wut? (Funny, Pop-culture, Mash-ups and more)


This is fantastic. I cautiously want more., maybe at least an entire CGI short.

While the costumes are very well-made, I'm not sure that first Frozen/Star Wars one understands the plot of either movie.

Big kudos to the Black Pink Panther, tho'.
I know #10 is supposed to be Grunkelpool, but with the mop there I almost want to see a Stanley Spudowskipool crossplay now.
Big kudos to the Black Pink Panther, tho'.
Not even the first time he’s been on the board.

Now that it's not a cropped thumbnail, it really stands out.

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The bamboo phasers are a nice touch...but what I want to know is where ever did they find one of those Packard-Bell radios???