[Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

Bank balance the morning before payday: $3. This isn't a rent paycheck, so I should be okay. I just have to be careful with spending. Turned hulu off again.

Car: I'mma gonna ruin this man's whole summer.

Exhaust pipe broke just forward of the clamp where it attaches to the last bit of pipe before the muffler. Goddammit. So much for saving the slightest bit of anything. Back to canceling everything that isn't phone or internet for a while.
Yesterday was Li'l Z's last day of school. Wednesday we get an email from the class parents that they're hosting a car parade so the kids can see each other and their teacher one last time. They even offered to bring the gifts the got the kids to the cars if anyone felt uncomfortable, so I figure, cool, they're still following Covid restrictions, we'll go. This is the first time I've left our house (well, property) since school closed March 11.

So we get there and what do we see? No one is in their car, and NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON is wearing a mask.

Kids and their siblings are running around everywhere and touching everything. No one is social distancing, even the adults. Not even his teacher! How fucking stupid are these people? Too much money, not enough brains around here. Li'l Z and I are the only ones wearing masks, and because I knew at least SOME of the parents would be this stupid, he and I had on gloves, too, to pick up gifts. I will say, there was a few parents that were smart enough to look embarrassed that we were the only ones being careful. One of the hosting moms shot me a dirty look and it took all my strength not to flip her off in front of all the kids. We only stayed for a couple of minutes, while Li'l Z said hi to his friends and goodbye to his teacher. And I want to give Li'l Z all the credit: he had his mask and gloves on in the car before I even asked, and didn't ask once to take his mask off. He's been taking the Corona rules very seriously and I'm so proud of him. 7 and smarter than most of the parents there.

Remember how I teared up when we had to cancel Li'l Z's camp? Nope, no guilt anymore. These idiots only proved that there's no way the camp would be able to require the kids to wear their masks and social distance when their fucking parents can't even do it for 5 minutes! This is why we're getting our son a pool and these assholes can pound sand.
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I got a letter yesterday. They postponed my pain procedure by two months! I go every six months and should be having it in two weeks. I’m already having trouble with the stairs. If I have to wait two months, I may have to stop working.
I’m at home sitting on the recliner sitting on two large ice packs. Right now I’m still really frozen which is lovely.

The procedure hurts when they inject the meds in my SI joints. They freeze me up quite well, but no amount of freezing can prevent injecting a large amount of medication into a small joint from hurting. When the freezing wears off, it will be rough until the treatment kicks in.

They give me an IV with pain meds and sedation. Sadly my veins are quite scarred from one of my IV therapies in the past so they use my hands and they still blow at least one vein each time. My left hand got the worst of it today. It’s no one’s fault and I tell them that each time, but they still seem upset.

I take steroids after procedures and surgeries so now I’m on four immune suppression drugs. No leaving the house for a while. Good thing I did a lot of shopping last weekend.

I am very lucky my current job is super flexible and cool with me dropping everything to take this opportunity. My last job wouldn’t have been.

Time for messy tacos, rude cats and terrible tv.
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There's a PM at our company who apparently has a phobia of entering dates correctly. When she assigns cases to me, about half the time she'll get the date wrong. So instead of a case being due on July 03, 2020, she'll enter it as being due on June 03, 2020, and suddenly I'll get an alert from the system about a case that's a month overdue. Or a case that was due this Wednesday would inexplicably have a deadline of next Wednesday instead. Or a case that's meant to only take a couple of days will have a due date of next year, which makes it look like I have a massive case that'll take up every working hour from now until July 2021.

Usually I'll spot these errors in my system before they become a major problem, because I know she does this, but still, it's weird how she keeps getting it wrong. She's been at the company long enough to not make errors like this. And she doesn't have particularly fat fingers.
Hey everyone (who isn't in a longterm committed relationship), remember how rad skin on skin contact with human beings was?

Because I fucking don't.


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Hey everyone (who isn't in a longterm committed relationship), remember how rad skin on skin contact with human beings was?

Because I fucking don't.
I've been married 27 years. You think I know what that feels like? Been well over a year for me.


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I got an eviction notice at my old apartment. For non-payment of rent. 4 days to move out.
Because their system screwed up and didn't add a <$9 charge to the auto-pay bill. They gave me an eviction notice because of their screw-up over eight bucks and change.

It's all worked out now, but damn am I glad to already be in a new place, and that my former roommate soon will be as well.
I’m sick likely as a result of the extra immune suppression drugs after my procedure. I took some time off work but am trying to work today. My head feels like it’s going to burst and my nose is running grossly and I’m having trouble concentrating.

And to add insult to injury, Old Navy sucks. Where are my masks and shirts??
Where are my masks and shirts??
Just hope they aren't shipping from the US - our feds are still seizing shipments of masks meant for hospitals - they seized three cases of Black Lives Matter face coverings two weeks ago, that were being shipped from California out to various locations with large protests.
The longer I am on hold, the less pleasant my emails get. Usually I am pretty nice with this stuff (AirPods earlier this week), but today I am cranky, feverish and bitchy AF.

I’m emailing them screenshots of how long I have been on hold and asking if they have any staff and have given a deadline before I call MC with a fraud report.
I stayed on hold on the phone with «customer service » for almost six hours until they hung up. While doing other stuff of course.

I was cranky when they hung up though.

I called back and made this awful sound when they asked what I wanted (I was cranky) and the robo voice said it sounded like I was having problems and I got a person right away.
It sure beats six hours of cranky. I reread the emails I sent them during that time. Not my proudest moment.
Boy, you'd think with all this amazing free time that I would be just rolling in self improvement and etc. but fuck all that. The fact that I still have to mow the fucking lawn makes me unreasonably angry.
Boy, you'd think with all this amazing free time that I would be just rolling in self improvement and etc. but fuck all that. The fact that I still have to mow the fucking lawn makes me unreasonably angry.
Ah yes, Covid19 related self improvement. I remember the week I spent learning Spanish so fondly.
I never lost my job. This is generally a good thing but I never got the excess wealth of free time others did.
My dumbass dog aspirated some of his dinner and has proceeded to scare the shit out of me for the last hour plus by literally coughing little bits of wet dog food all over the house. Vet says he should be fine, but to take his dumb ass in if he doesn't stop coughing by much later tonight.


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The guys who are in charge of scheduling at my work must each do a line of coke and a hit of acid before they go into the scheduling meeting.

I was expecting to be double booked for most of the summer due to how busy we are...

... but they have triple, and even once quadruple booked me. Several of those times, the conflicting bookings are in locations hundreds of miles apart, such as Huntsville and Fort Worth.

What the fuck, guys. Get your shit together.