[Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

So we've been having problems with the kitchen sink leaking into the floor below about every 5th time we run the dishwasher. The sprayer I installed five years ago used to be great but it got all plugged up over time, and its replacement, though it was the exact same model, started leaking backwards through the trigger only a couple months after it was installed. So I capped off the sprayer with a piece of mylar (the cover from a yogurt cup, actually) to stop that leak... but we still kept getting cries from downstairs about being dripped on. Ok, so it's not the sprayer, it must be the whole faucet assembly. No huge surprise there since the spigot actually has a couple pinholes in it that weep while the dishwasher is running, there must be other pinholes we can't see, wife's father originally bought the faucet at a garage sale anyway... ok guess I need to bite the bullet and get a new faucet.

Finally find a place that has the model I want, buy it (about $150 ow ow) and have it shipped to me, I start working on it Wed night about 10p, finally finish about 12:30a. The old one is hella crusty & corroded, it definitely needed to be replaced. The new one is gleaming shiny and has ceramic cartridges that won't corrode, it looks beautiful, it works beautifully, and I didn't even mix up the hot/cold/sprayer hoses while I was putting it in. Go me. Even got a text while at work from the wife telling me how much time she spent polishing it because brand nooooohh & shiiiiny.

And then, that night, the flushing handle on the toilet breaks. Stupid, jealous toilet.