Minor victory thread

This morning I discovered that there is a fourth Edward Gorey anthology, so I ordered it along with the mechanical keyboard I've had my eye on forever (it was on my wish list, but my birthday was last week and I'm not waiting until Christmas).
Got a third and a first on the Akinator leaderboard this week. Won today with Night Court, Farscape, Komi-san, and David Eddings characters.
Got called out during a team meeting for fixing an issue that had stumped everyone else.

Only a minor victory because it wasn't even really a hard problem to solve, just tedious to do all the legwork required to find the actual issue. Saved us from unnecessarily replacing a number of systems, though.
A whine that turns into a victory.

The Whine: I've worked a bunch of OT this week. To the point that since I am staying late again today, I will have 40 hours by the time I leave. It's been kinda exhausting. I get home and before I know it I am falling asleep. I get almost no time to spend with my spouse. This is only minor because I agreed to do it.

The Victory: Boss knows and told me to take tomorrow off so I don't incur any OT. So, I get a 3 day weekend just in time to go get my covid vaccine.
Opened a bottle of black/red raspberry wine we've had for probably 15 years.
The winery closed in 2018, and they were one that proudly proclaimed being one of the few that did not add sulfites/preservatives to their products. We hadn't exactly kept it well, and so there was some concern.

It was fine. Delicious, even. Think Chambord, but wine.

Of course, the fact that its ABV was 15.5% probably had something to do with its longevity.