Minor victory thread

Well hsppy belated birthday to you, Bonesy. Hope it was good despite the work, and I hope this new year of yours is a good one!
2 offers on the house so far.

That 3d dollhouse view is freaking amazing technology.
Hopefully you already started looking, since the housing market is insane everywhere.
I didn't get the dallas job, so we're moving into an apt for a minimum 1 year while I continue that search. The market up here is insane...i'm getting offers WAY above asking, with waiving contengencies (inspection, appraisal, etc).
Seems to be true everywhere, yeah... House prices have nominally risen about 6-7% here, but the past year we've also transitioned from "start with the asking price and haggle down a bit" to "you'll be offering at least 10-15% over asking price, right, because otherwise don't even bother".
I'm so mad, Shaw only allowed for 10 mb/s upload (well over a gb/s down). Telus offers 1000/1000 to my friends, 3 blocks away, but not here.