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So, without going too much into family business, one of my step-son's got divorced a few years ago. And then I got divorced last year. But I still really feel family ties with the step-son's ex wife. So I guess that makes her my ex-ex-daughter-in-law? Regardless, family is more to me than blood or legal ties. And she's family.

She had her first baby a couple days ago. Such a cutie pie.

And I'm really glad that I'm still in their lives and get to share in the little Christmas miracle since the baby was breach and wasn't slated to be scheduled for c-section until after the new year. But when the water breaks, doctors' golf schedules go out the window lol.


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Filmed a silly thing while making chili tonight.

When you asked people what you were going to make with your ingredients, I went looking to see if there were any soup memes I found appropriate, but ultimately decided none were funny punchy enough to work for calling chili "soup", but I did find this one I sent to other friends...

Soup is Witchcraft.jpg

Little did I know how relevant it would be to the original search.
I want deets. How'd you first get together? Who confessed their feelings first? What's life together like? Who would you have star as yourself when they make a movie and/or miniseries out of your story?