Official Halforums Meet-ups

With the recent happenings going on within this forum, I felt that I should do my part in some meaningful way. Then an idea popped in my head! Don't worry, I'll keep my pants on.

It has already happened in the past where folks have already met up with other folks from this forum. There have been pictures and shenanigans shared by all. However, instead of randomly asking around who lives where and try to make meet-ups happen half-assuredly... what better idea than to simply have some type of structure already in place for quick and easy reference? Nothing too specific of course but let's say something would bring you to say.... Montreal, Detroit (you poor bastard) or Salt Lake for some sort of reason and you'd go... "Yo, who lives HERE?"

Boom, there you go.

This can also be a place where you can share which HalForums member you've already met (significant others not included please), what shenanigans happened and upload pictures of this glorious event!

So for this to happen, feel free to reply.

1. Real name and where do you live?

2. Have you met anyone? Tell us what happened. We love shenanigans.

3. Pictures, share it. Please!

4. Any plans to visit another city soon?
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Halforum Members


AshburnerX (Michael) - Columbus/Ohio
Bert (Bert) - Detroit/Michigan
blotsfan (Jon) - Buffalo/New York
Bones (Mike) - St.Croix Valley/Minnesota
Bowielee (Dale)- Superior/Winsconsin
Cajungal (Leslie) - "Louisiana"
Celt Z (Lynne) - "New Jersey"
Charlie Don't Surf (Joe) - Nashville/Tennessee
Crimsonsoul (Melvin) - Houston/Texas
CynicismKills (Chris) - Murrieta/California
DarkAudit (Brian) - Morgantown/Wyoming
Dave (Dave) - Omaha/Nebraska
Dill616 (Dill) - West Columbia/ SC
Docseverin (Ken) - Raeford/North Carolina
Enresshou (Josh) - Jackson/Michigan
Eljuski (Darius) - Washington DC
Espy (Stephen) - Minneapolis/Minnesota
fade (Jack) - Houston/Texas
figmentpez (Bruce) - Houston/Texas
Gared (Chris) - Fredrickson/Washington
General Specific (Matt) - West Columbia/SC
Howdroll (Sam) - Chicago/Illonois
Hylian (Brian) - Lacey/Washington
LittleKagsin (Christa) - Logan/Utah
jwhouk (Joe) - Wausau/Wisconsin
klew (Kevin) - San Rafael/California
Krisken (Brian) West Bend/Wisconsin
MindDetective (John) - "Southern Oregon"
ncts_dodge_man (Dan) - Janesville/Wisconsin
Officer_Charon (Dan) - Savannah/Georgia
PatrThom - (Patrick) - "Southwest Michigan"
Piotyr (Kevin) - Midlothian/Illinois
phil (Phil) - Dallas/Texas
Ravenpoe (Matt) - "Northern Florida"
Shakey (Tim) - Brainerd/Minnesota
sixpackshaker (Matt) - Huntsville/Texas
Sparhawk - (Jeff) - Lufkin/Texas
Steinman (Adam) - Ann Arbor/Michigan
Terrik (Steve) - Tampa/Florida
WasabiPoptart (Lisa) - "Hawaii"
Zappit (Sean) - "Massachusetts"


Adam (Adam) - Winnipeg/Manitoba
checkeredhat (Derek) - Toronto/Ontario
Dirona (Kathleen) - "Southerwest Newfoundland"
Emrys (Peggy) - Saskatoon/Saskatewan
grub (Matt) - Abbotsford/B.C.
Gusto (Kevin) - Waterloo/Ontario
far (Kyle) - New Westminister/B.C.
HCGLNS (Hugh) - Halifax/Nova Scotia
Jay (Jason) - Montreal/Quebec
ThatNickGuy (Nick) - Halifax/Nova Scotia
Simfers (Simon) Gatineau/Quebec
Telephius (Sean) Winnipeg/Manitoba

Elsewhere (Thar be dragons)

bhamv3 (NO NAME) - "Taipei"
Bubbles181 (Robin) - Brussels/Belgium
Just Me (Ingo) - Nuremberg/Germany
Timmus (Tim) - Tianjin/China (*dragons confirmed) (originally from Nelson B.C./Canada)


September 9th - Updated
September 3rd - Updated
September 1st - Updated
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Who Met Who? What happened?

- Met @BananaHands : (STORY TO COME - INVOLVES 20 CHINS)

- Met @Docseverin. He used to live here and he also tried to steal my son while we were at a museum.

- Met @Jay (2 times) and @LittleKagsin. Both are wonderful, wonderful people. (Obviously)

- Met @stienman @Enresshou @PatrThom because we all live in the greater Detroit area (us poor bastards!!) @DarkAudit was there too because he was brave enough to visit our horrible, horrible ghetto.

@Celt Z
- Met @Tinwhistler and @callistarya

- Met @PatrThom, @BErt, @DarkAudit and @stienman at a Michigan get-together last year. I also met @Fun Size at Neil Gaiman's book signing last year.

- Met @HCGLNS (hobooo) and his wife @Squidleybits

- Met @Adam (twice) and the city was in chaos... literally.

- Met up with @stienman, @BErt, @PatrThom, and @Enresshou in Ann Arbor.

- Met @ThatNickGuy and scared his pants by using a phone book, deer god how much scotch can one hobo drink over lunch with @checkeredhat and the exciting double feature of lets eat Chinese food with small children and @Eriol and @Dirona featuring @Squidleybits.

When Nick met a hobo.

Several years ago @ThatNickGuy was returning to his parents home in Halifax to spend the Christmas holidays. An adventurous hobo took it upon himself to call Nick up and arrange some adventures. After a brief discussion with Nicks lovely mother, he warily answered the phone.

"Hello Nick, this is HCGLNS calling. You mentioned that you were in Halifax for the holidays and wondered if you want to have some adventures? "

I suddenly detected a strong smell and panicked tone reverberating from the telephone as Nick gasped in fear, " OH MY GOD! HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER? ARE YOU STALKING ME?!"
To which I calmly replied. "Relax Nick. I simply guessed that your parents share your last name and use a device called a phone book to obtain this number. "

Having assuaged his tremors we made arrangements to share food and beverages at a local watering hole known as Jack Astors.

Upon entering the establishment I was immediately greeted by a bubbly hostess, " Good evening Mr Hobo! Table for four?"

"No thank you, I'm meeting a gentleman tonight. Table for two at the bar will suffice. "

Upon receiving a fine table in the bar, a waitress approached and said,

"Good evening Mr Hobo. My name is Buxom. Would you like your usual?"

"Not tonight thank you, I'm driving. Just coffee please. "

"Milk cream or sugar?"

"Jack Daniels. And to start four of those unlimited garlic bread and for my main a full rack of ribs."

Nick eventually arrived and took his seat at the table. We made our introductions and Buxom quickly returned and asked for Nicks drink order.

"I'd like a Blue Lite please. "

Now for some reason the sound system in the restaurant skipped and many patrons were staring at us. Buxom her cleavage visibly deflated asked resigningly if a Keith's lite would suffice. She then offered many suggestions from the vegetarian section of the menu that Nick might enjoy.

After finishing our meal we made our way over to a book store called Chapters. Upon entering our noted author Nick was treated like royalty and appeared several inches taller. After a few minutes one of the several employees servicing Nick approached me and politely spoke.

"Excuse me sir, could you please refrain from pointing and laughing at the Starbucks patrons. Is there a book I could help you with?"

"No thanks I'll just go play with the Thomas train set."

Several hours later Nick finished his Warpoling and we headed long to our final destination, an electronics store called Best Buy.

Immediately upon entering the store several young male employees bolted from my sight, while a man with a very nice beard and a managers nametag approached me.

"Hello sir you look like a husband with a list from his wife."

"Indeed I do have a list from my wife. I require the following ..."

So myself being treated by a competent employee, the young male employees attempted to regroup but they were TOO SLOW! A vibrant young female employee named Chesty had swooped down on Nick and the two of them began a vigorous courtship over the video game selection.

Eventually I drove an exhausted and sated Nick home.

- Met with @DarkAudit, @BErt, @PatrThom and @Enresshou in Ann Arbor summer 2013. We went for snacks and drinks at a local watering hole near the university of michigan diag. I don't recall any other details, but I drove at least a few people from one place to the bar. Either to avoid parking fees, or because I wasn't drinking. Or we did something before the bar. Much laughter.

- Met @Hylian, had him round for dinner and Cards Against Humanity one evening a few months back, it was a blast. Next time we'll order pizza though, that soup took a lot longer than I remembered and I burnt the hell out of my hands on the bread. Oh, and I still have most of a container of spicy teriyaki seaweed strips, though now that I mentioned them, they sound tasty.

- Met with @Terrik in Shanghai. He drank Guinness with my dad and I at an Irish pub there that no longer exists. He's a pretty cool cat and I think he's got all the pictures.

- Met @WasabiPoptart... I did not try to steal her spawn but was merely enjoying the time out. I have also met @LittleKagsin who was a lovely person even if she didn't watch my show and cheer me on!

- Met up with @HCGLNS downtown Toronto for a beer and some food once.

- I've hung out/gotten obscenely drunk with @ElJuski and @BananaHands a bunch of times. Wouldn't recommend it -- ElJuski smells weird and BH is a vegan. They have both decided they were too cool for Chicago and moved to opposite coasts, so I doubt I'll be seeing much of them anymore (or at least until Juski needs another wedding date.)

- I have met @Adam, @Docseverin and @BananaHands !

Adam passed through on his 'Halforumite Tour' and we went to dinner. I felt bad making him come all the way out here to meet up with me! But I was really happy he did. He's a really nice guy and easy to get a long with. I enjoyed our conversation and I didn't feel as awkward as I thought I would - awkward because of me and me being normally awkward not because of the situation. The most hilarious thing was that the server thought we were married, so he asked like, you know, couple-y type questions and we were just all ''. But, he was really awesome and he gave me a hug! :D

Docseverin came to do an air show at the base an hour south of me, so he generously got me some free passes to the show. I went and picked them up the day before..or maybe it was two, I don't remember. Regardless, I went and picked them up from him and he's a very sweet guy! We only talked/chatted for about 15 minutes in his hotel room. I did coerce him into showing me all of his tattoos, he has an AMAZING back piece that he let me see. I did miss the air show :( I was stuck in traffic, just to get in, for over an hour. I was really sad about that. But, I'm glad I got to see him and talk to him for a little bit. I imagine the world would've imploded from our coolness level if we had spent anymore more time together. He's just that cool.

Bananahands came through on his moving trek across the country. It was kind of hard for us to meet up - I'm at the like...the very very top of Utah, I'm 15 minutes away from the Idaho border. Anyway, he was going through down in Richfield, which is quite a ways from me. But it was close to where my cos-sister lives, so I went and stayed the night with her, and met Bananahands the next day. He wanted to go hiking, so he picked a hike that was ABSOLUTELY in the middle nowhere! But it's okay, he didn't try to murder me. So, we went on our hike and it was a lot of fun! I had a great time talking with him about a lot of topics, climbing on the boulders and just enjoying the hiking trail. After the hike we went for lunch and then he went on his way. (We took a couple of pictures, but they're in his possession so I have no control weather they get posted or not.)

- I've met @HCGLNS and @Squidleybits as part of the move across the country. Almost met Jay... stupid Montreal traffic. Never met @Adam, despite living in the Okanagan for a bit... and apparently missed @Timmus too. Met @Emrys (and the Doomweasles) for nog when we lived in Saskatchewan.


CeltZ and Tinwhistler

Jay and Adam

HCGLNS & ThatNickGuy & Friends

Timmus & Terrik

HowDroll & ElJuski

BErt, darkaudit, PatrThom, Enresshou, stienman

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Kevin, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

I missed my chance to meet @ThatNickGuy when he lived around here for years. Now who am I gonna watch Superman Returns with!?
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1. Josh - Jackson, MI (though I'm in Ann Arbor 5+ days a week).

2. I've met @PatrThom, @BErt, @DarkAudit, and @stienman at a Michigan get-together last year. I also met @Fun Size at Neil Gaiman's book signing last year.

3. There's a picture of all of us together, but I'm too busy to search ATM.

4. I may be visiting Memphis in October, but no idea. I'll also be heading home for Christmas (SF Bay Area) for a couple weeks.
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Michael - Columbus/OH

I really don't have any way of getting around or anywhere to host anybody ATM. I also usually take trips to Atlanta, GA in December and then ether May or August, but again... no way to get around.
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Matt - Abbotsford B.C.

Never met any, but open to coffee (I don't drink alcohol) or whatever. I do make my way to Kelowna every few months were it easier.
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Updated again. Please check if I missed you. The fuck are the bro fists people. :p

Like the updates.

I'd love to hear how the get togethers went.

Also, name tagging in mass makes the forum eat them up. Good thing I'm copy and pasting from word.
My name is Jason (though you plebs can call me Jay). I live in Laval, Quebec though it's pretty much the smaller (yet better) sister island of Montreal.

I've only met @Adam so far unfortunately though I had a few close calls with other halforumites such as Chad, Dirona, Eriol, Dark Angel.

As for the meet-up with Adam... all stories are covered... here : (at least for the first time).

Lots of pictures in there... but a few favs are...

Future vacations? Tentative plans to go to Vegas with Adam (if his boss permits...). Maybe a
cruise during the winter. Sadly, infant reduces my mobility.

My dream would be to hang out with @Officer_Charon and @Frank
Matt, Huntsville TX

I have not met any of you, I think. I did threaten to meet @Cajungal once many years ago, to drink coffee and tell her long terrible stories. For you SE Texas folks I'm easy to find on Friday nights, on the court house square.
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My name is Dan and I'm a lurker... :D

I currently live in South-central Wisconsin (Janesville) but work in Madison, WI and am hoping to move back up that general way next summer.

I haven't met anyone yet.
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