Official Halforums Meet-ups

I don't know how tight your schedule is, but if you'd like to grab a cup of coffee (or pork roll) when you're around NJ, I'd be up for that. :)
That would be great. When I have a better idea of when & where were going to be, you and I can see about making plans. I haven't been "home" in almost 9 years, so a pork roll sandwich and diner coffee sounds good.
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Stephen, live in Minneapolis, MN. I don't think I've ever met anyone from the forum in RL but I'm always open to it and I never turn down an opportunity to grab a beer and nerd it up.
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That Halloween was good times. Remember the girl bunny, Sam? Her friends were totally not havin' it with a manbunny shmoozing up to her (but ain't that the way it always goes?)
There's nothing like seeing a grown-ass dude in a bunny costume desperately trying to get laid.


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Houston, TX
Never met anyone, despite living in the same small town as CajunGal for 5 years. Kind of wonder if we ever met and didn't know it.
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Jeff Brown, I live in Lufkin, Tx which is about 2 hours north of Pez, and I've actually passed by his school several times.

Never met anyone, but have been close while in Houston and passed near CG while traveling to LSU to watch softball.
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stop by for a cup of bubble milk

Robin, Brussels, Belgium, Europe, Rest of the World, Earth.

haven't met anyone to the best of my knowledge. @Amorous Eyes and whatshisnamethegermanoneIcanneverrememberdammit are probably the closest two forum members still active - mathk29 or something like that was actually in my city but he's long one.
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Real name is Christa. I live in Logan, Utah. Which is in the middle of nowhere in the US, but I have met @Adam, @Docseverin and @BananaHands !

Adam passed through on his 'Halforumite Tour' and we went to dinner. I felt bad making him come all the way out here to meet up with me! But I was really happy he did. He's a really nice guy and easy to get a long with. I enjoyed our conversation and I didn't feel as awkward as I thought I would - awkward because of me and me being normally awkward not because of the situation. The most hilarious thing was that the server thought we were married, so he asked like, you know, couple-y type questions and we were just all ''. But, he was really awesome and he gave me a hug! :D

Docseverin came to do an air show at the base an hour south of me, so he generously got me some free passes to the show. I went and picked them up the day before..or maybe it was two, I don't remember. Regardless, I went and picked them up from him and he's a very sweet guy! We only talked/chatted for about 15 minutes in his hotel room. I did coerce him into showing me all of his tattoos, he has an AMAZING back piece that he let me see. I did miss the air show :( I was stuck in traffic, just to get in, for over an hour. I was really sad about that. But, I'm glad I got to see him and talk to him for a little bit. I imagine the world would've imploded from our coolness level if we had spent anymore more time together. He's just that cool.

Bananahands came through on his moving trek across the country. It was kind of hard for us to meet up - I'm at the like...the very very top of Utah, I'm 15 minutes away from the Idaho border. Anyway, he was going through down in Richfield, which is quite a ways from me. But it was close to where my cos-sister lives, so I went and stayed the night with her, and met Bananahands the next day. He wanted to go hiking, so he picked a hike that was ABSOLUTELY in the middle nowhere! But it's okay, he didn't try to murder me. So, we went on our hike and it was a lot of fun! I had a great time talking with him about a lot of topics, climbing on the boulders and just enjoying the hiking trail. After the hike we went for lunch and then he went on his way. (We took a couple of pictures, but they're in his possession so I have no control weather they get posted or not.)
Docseverin came [...] generously [...] I went and picked them up [...] maybe it was two [...] I don't remember. [...] about 15 minutes in his hotel room. I did coerce him [...] showing me all of his tattoos, [...] AMAZING [...] piece that he let me see.
I know it might be my creepy side playing up, but somehow, despite me knowing (well, okay, assuming based on trusting your description of events and all that) it was a perfectly innocent meet-up, this post just made bad '80s porn music play in the back of my head.
Yeah, my guess is Charlie and Gas at a casino would end up with 2 drunk broke dudes passed out on the front lawn rather than a political discussion.
You probably mean @LordRendar , not me.

Ingo, Nuremberg (more or less).
Feel free to give me a shout when you are anywhere close'ish.
I did mean LordRendar. I always confuse him with General Specific, because of the titles, and then I just remember something about Schadenfreude because that's his tagline. *sigh*.

Not sure which one of you is closer, actually?[DOUBLEPOST=1409523553,1409523420][/DOUBLEPOST]Actually, two years ago, when my girlfriend flipped our car upside down on the highway, that was pretty close to Nuremberg. Must've been karma for not stopping in :)
Bowielee (Dale Anderson)- Superior, WI

Never met anyone from the boards, but had he not left the area, @MindDetective probably would have been one of my professors right now.

I do think there are enough people in mid to northern Wisconsin on the boards that it would be entirely plausible to have a Wisconsin meet up.
I was just there this weekend. I'm only a couple hours West of you. We rode the train in Duluth and did the touristy stuff in canal park. We even snuck over to superior for a little bit.

Real name is Tim, from around Brainerd, MN. Never met anyone from the forum.
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