Old Picture Thread

Well, this explains the sig.

Well done. I had expected comment on that before now.[DOUBLEPOST=1454199971,1454199883][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'm not sure about you, because you're hidden behind the glass, but the other three look really drunk.

Also, really cool pics. I bet you were quite the lady killer. And judging from your post in the other thread, are still a lady killer.
A Gentleman doesn't tell.:cool:
I was going through some old photos, and I found this! Taste the 90's-ness of it all!


This was my entry for Wizard Magazine's 2nd or 3rd annual costume contest (1995). The costumes were made over one weekend, using only a few Spawn comics and some action figures as reference.

Sadly, this isn't one of the better photos. All the good shots were mailed in, although I think we may have missed the submission date by a day. :( And my mother lost the negatives (ah, the days before digital), so I never got to make more copies. I'm amazed this one still existed. I really wish I still had some of the better cemetery shots, or the ones we took on the top of a parking deck to get the whole city. (And by city, I mean New Brunswick, because I wasn't walking around NYC dressed like that!)


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The pictures I previously posted on page 4 were from 1983 and 1987, sooo... I guess average them out and there ya go.


Found this rookie card looking through an old drawer, I should probably get it PSA graded. i mean, it says All Star right at the top there...