The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

Did not know they did an isolation take and posted it a month ago.
Over 20 years later, and this song can still uppercut me out of bed faster than a bucketful of crushed ice and eels.

I'm going to listen to this at least 3-4 more times today.

All the coffee jokes on Barney Miller explained. Also why I think my mom's coffee preferences are so messed up.

I'm a little disappointed the Folger's "teabag" instant wasn't included. I wanted to see how it stacked up against such a variety of pure instants.

Why this guy doesn't have more subscribers, I don't know.

Forgotten Hwy has some of the most beautiful "drive down the highway" footage of any YT channel - and I may be biased, because most of his stuff is Arizona highway-freeways.

One that may be of interest to others here: The Devil's Highway (US 191, fka US 666)
As someone fascinated by fetishes (especially as regards the degree to which they can manipulate people), that was fantastic.

I can't remember was this video posted a couple months back.

But anyway, there's been a sequel

I fucking dread to think what part 3 will be about.


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Brandon Sanderson teaching a class on SF/Fantasy writing. This is lesson 1 and if I ever get the ability to watch them all you damned well bet I'm going to watch/take it. If you watch it on YouTube they are all linked!!