The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)


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Been a while since I posted one of these, but Dominos is one of the big reasons why I got egregiously, morbidly obese. I haven't had it since my surgery.



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Size comparison of various mechs or piloted robots.

EDIT: Excuse me, they seem to have forgotten to include Mega Maid from Spaceballs.

EDIT 2: I have no idea why this video has been set to private.
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Every time I've seen something like this, it's always been, "Yeah my tire went flat and I just didn't want to spend the time/effort changing it, I'll just drive a little farther..."

This is courtesy of a friend who's deeply into electronic music (I'm very much not).

It features the gorgeous architecture of Royal Albert Hall in London, lit by a wide array a lighting (which is cool to watch).
And a f'in massive pipe organ (which I am very much into)


Best known to the modern generation as the Seinfeld Library Cop, Phillip Baker Hall had a prolific career. He died today at the age of 90.


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This week's Regular Car Reviews has some really great imagery in it.

"Nobody values their time more than a child. You know, from every tug on your jacket sleeve as you catch up with an old friend in a Lowe's parking lot. An unexpected, pleasant encounter becomes the death of their Saturday, as they BEG and PLEAD to GO. They have nowhere to go! They HAVE nowhere to BE! But LIFE is OUT THERE and it's going on WITHOUT THEM! DAD. DAD. DAD. Can we go? Let's GOOOOOO. Go where? You have no homework, you have no job. Where do you need to BE? (Adolescent whine!!!!). The FTO is that child. A car of anxious energy. It wants to go fast, even though it's not going to."

"This was Mitsubishi trying to copy the Miata. Like Chris Cornell covering Billie Jean, it's unique... but somehow way more depressing."

"This is the Skyline chili of imported cars." (that is not a compliment) "A Costco Sampler of the GTO." "If 'grey' was a flavor. It's like eating an overcast sky."

"In 1995, this would have been the car you double parked while your girlfriend hopped out to drop the copy of Waterworld into the Late Returns slot at the video store, but the car is not what you would have remembered about those nights. It's fingerblasting her in the front seat while teenagers on bikes pass by and shout 'GAAAAAAAY.'"
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