The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

If you're over ~35 then every living dog on earth has been born during your lifetime. (Probably everyone over 30, but it's hard to say for certain.)
Oldest dog ever recorded was 29 years and 5 months old. So I’d say it would be safe to say that if you’ve reached 30 you’re older than every dog on earth. On the other hand, you’d have to get over 38 to say the same about cats.


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Or it could be fondant. In which case, congratulations, you just made a spiked mace for a doomweasel-sized combatant, but certainly not anything edible.

Which won't stop them from eating it.
I can see this being the sort of thing people do to pretzel sticks for parties and other "Oh, it's so cuuute!" kinds of occasions.
I can also see someone taking pretzel rods and doing this with Kraft or Slo-Poke-style caramel and eating them on the regular just because. Maybe even dip them in chocolate first, or better yet, chocolate ice cream. Future me can also see this concoction being coated and deep-fried at a carnival because absolutely nothing goes with diabetes and hypertension like arteriosclerosis.

First I've heard of plastic clear solar. All the other ones I've heard have been glass (and pitched as a substitute for skyscraper windows, greenhouses, etc).

The thing I'm concerned about is the size. Another video talks about retrofitting, but I'm wondering how well it works IRL. And, of course, if it would work in a situation like, say, the Sonoran Desert.
Fair warning: the following video is a political video.
But I felt like posting it in the political thread would do it a disservice.
As such, I have spoilered it for those people who do not wish to see political content outside of the political subforum.

Royal Oak is the city practically right next door to the city where I grew up. They have a number of markets, bars, and brand new high-rise housing. It is the sort of city with a downtown you can walk to and walk through and I spent many years of my life there. It borders on large Jewish, Chaldean, Black, and Italian communities, and it has one of the larger populations of LGBTQ+ in MI. And I'm glad to hear these words spoken by someone who comes from this place so close to my hometown:


Oh, it's Chuck Tingle. Nevermind, carry on.
I've actually heard that this book is actually quite a bit more progressive than the books and takes just the meanest/best swings at Rowling for shit she's pulled since the books finished. Chuck Tingle's a legend.