The Internet will never satisfy its lust for bizarre and weird things.


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There's an "awesome" videos thread, but I think we need a separate thread for videos that make you go "wtf, did I stumble into THAT part of youtube again?" much in the same way that there's a funny pictures thread and a not-so-funny pictures thread. So, to get it started off...

I laughed loudly at some points, mostly at the sounds the hand makes when its vomits a car; now the gf thinks me even more weird than before. :)
I'm a simple guy!


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Yes. Yes it is. Normally I can't sit through comedy that's based on awkwardness and shame, but that one kept me riveted.
Seeing this post over in another thread made me remember this video I saw severally many years ago.
Mind you, this video parable is EXTREMELY NSFW, so you probably shouldn't watch it at work, nor if you are around people who understand French.

I could also fill up this whole thread just with whatever Cyriak does.

I am not responsible for any nightmares you may have watching the above cthulian horror.