I love cheap Evan Williams Green Label Whiskey. I can not find any for the last month.

I think they redesigned the bottles and are limiting the supply until the old bottles are gone.

I hope the flavored whiskeys are harming their business and they will switch back to real bourbon soon.
Guy at my work spent $1500 CDN ($6000 USD) of his own money to buy a curved double width gaming monitor. To essentially run Excel, Word and Chrome, no games.

I have a friend who's work got her an extra wide monitor because she kept burning out multimonitor docks.

She uses it exclusively for work too. She needs the screen real estate for the amount of info she has up at any given time. I get it.
Spotify has a morning show that combines news with music selected based on my listening. I thought I'd try it out today, which is what led to me listening to a sober interview about yesterday's events in Washington followed by Harley Poe singing about dressing up as a woman and eating people.
You know those 10 hour Youtube videos, I accidentally stumbled upon one today. It was the Littlest Hobo theme, I listened to it for like a long time before realizing.