Things I hate

I don't know if you are really Texan as you claim.
After I'd lived up here for 2 years, I was jonesing for sonic so badly I drove to Winchester VA (27 miles away) just to get some. And it sucked :(

Luckily, they've built one in Frederick (close to my job) that's pretty decent.

Now if only we could get Whataburger up here.
I hate...

Wal-Mart - even though they likely get more of my money than any one retailer.
Bad Drivers - I mean Jesus! driving is dangerous enough without you reading texts, shaving, eating cereal out of a bowl, and putting on your make up while driving 20 mph under the speed limit in the left lane.
Didn't we have a "Things I Hate" thread or did it get erased? Ah well, carry on with the hate venting.
I hate it when I'm in the Facebook messanger thing and I send out an invite to my friends like "hey guys, anyone want to do anything tonight? I was thinking of seeing this movie or getting some food at that place we like or any other number of things"

And I see the "seen by" list. I know y'all mother fuckers seen it. This ain't like texts 10 years ago when sometimes it really didn't go though. And I'm not saying they gotta drop whay they're doing and respond right away but like at some point in the night it'd be nice to at least get a "I'm busy tonight" instead of them just not saying anything.


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There's not enough database space on Dave's server.

That's not something I hate, it's the reason I can't answer the question.
Daily meetings, sometimes followed by weekly meetings, all with the same people.
The level of inconsideration it takes to always schedule the special meetings over my lunch hour. Time zones. Learn them.
People who type like borderline illiterates. "Do you no anyone who has a car for sale?" "I just learnt my camera!" "r u sure?" etc etc. I am fine with an omg or two....but I just can't with those examples.
People who hurt animals.


Tv commercials that open with an alarm clock going off. Certainly nobody ever falls asleep with the tv on.
If there's something in the universe that fade likes, does it even exist?
Only long enough for him to learn of its existence.
Tv commercials that open with an alarm clock going off. Certainly nobody ever falls asleep with the tv on.
Radio commercials with sirens/horns/etc.

As for me, it's a toss-up between people who refuse to change their stance even when confronted with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, or else people who decide to cut corners to save time/money for themselves, thereby offloading that extra work/expense onto others.

. . . which one of us stupid halforumen is gonna say how we like boobsweat if only because it means the women complaining about it must be nicely endowed?

Oh. It's me.



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Body spray, cologne, perfume...they're all disgusting and make me cough. If i ever had to date again for whatever reason, that would be a huge dealbreaker.