Tinwhistler tries cocktails

Amaretto and grenadine? I don't know how much cranberry they"re pouring in there, but that sounds like super sweet cloying candy to me.
Amaretto and grenadine? I don't know how much cranberry they"re pouring in there, but that sounds like super sweet cloying candy to me.
That one was mostly vodka. The others were smaller amounts. A "splash" of grenadine for color. 1/2 oz amaretto. 1oz vodka and 2 oz cranberry. It was more balanced than the Dark Elf above, which was super sweet and cloying

Banana Cream Pie...basically a rum banana smoothie. This was a lot boozier than I expected. If I make again, I'll use 2 parts cream to 1 part rum instead of vice versa.
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Grasshopper: Creme de menthe and creme de cacao with cream. Probably would look more like a grasshopper if I'd bought the leprechaun green artificially colored menthe, but I didn't. So I guess it's a brown grasshopper.

Tastes like a Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie
Alien Brain Hemorrhage - Peach schnapps, Bailey's, blue curacao, grenadine. I put a touch too much schnapps, so I couldn't really splash the curacao and grenadine to churn up the Bailey's as much as I wanted.

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Turn Undead: Lemon juice, vodka, Kahlua. This looks and smells like some kind of cola-and-booze drink. But generic, like Dr. Thunder or Great Value Cola. But it had a lot more flavor than smell, and was tasty, if boozy.
Got a new book for Valentine's Day.
First cocktail: Negroni-Nomicon--gin, vermouth, campari, triple sec, blue curacao. 5oz of liquors, no non-alcoholic ingredients. It made my nose a bit tingly ;)


Tonight's drink is a play on the El Presidente cocktail (the "Hell Residente")...with the addition of Fireball and Irish Whiskey, and blue curacao instead of triple sec. That makes it: Rum, vermouth, blue curacao, fireball, tullemore dew, grenadine. It's...different. Boozy. Tastes of cinnamon and orange with a hint of complexity. These flavors really shouldn't work together. But they kind of do.

Also, I'm noticing this book is a big fan of mixing blue curacao and grenadine to make a drink that's so purple as to be almost black.
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Whoops..forgot to post this one, which came between the two dark drinks...


Pallid Carcosa. Pineapple juice, coconut cream, spiced rum, peach schnapps (called for peach moonshine, but no thanks), sweet and sour. Blended with ice.

I'm definitely a fan of these kinds of fruity drinks.
It's been a while.


H. Peach Lovedraft. Guinness, peach schnapps, rum. It's actually a whole lot better than I thought it would be. The peach goes well with the Guinness and cuts a lot of the bitterness of the stout. The beer and rum keep it from being too peachy.

Peach forward when it hits your tongue, but with a lingering stout finish. Not bad at all.
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From the D&D book: Barbarian Rage.

Equal parts dark rum, white rum, Amaretto, Chambord, tequila, Midori, vodka, Malibu, gin, Blue Curacao. 8 oz Monster energy drink.

This is like a long island iced tea in that it doesn't taste boozy at all...but it's super fruity. And at 10 oz of liquor/liqueur. I'm about to be fucked up.