Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

Funny anecdote when my I saw Return of the King in theaters with my girlfriend at the time. We shared a giant order of root beer. Now, I have a pretty strong bladder. She didn't. But she's also stubborn as hell. So when RotK went through its gazillion endings, she squirmed in her seat, crossing her legs, trying to see the movie to its end before going to the bathroom.

By the end, she was saying over and over (loud enough that only I could hear it): "Get on the boat, get on the boat, get on the boat, GET ON THE BOAT YOU FUCKING HOBBITS!"
I was 32 and had been living in Canada for over 8 years. Yer all babies.

Except for you. And you. And possibly you, but I'm not sure.
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I couldn't even see it in theatres here on release without a parent, though only by a month, with its 14A rating.
I cannot imagine having a child in my 40s...I could barely keep up with my pre-highschool son in my 30's
I told Mr. Z if we were considering a second child, I wanted to do it before I was 35. I really didn't think I'd have the energy or attention to run around after a little one past that. But we both were happy with just one kid, so that age came and past.