Funny (political, religious) pictures

Gosar's not exactly the brightest bulb in the banana bunch.
Meh, he's likely plenty smart. He doesn't truly want freedom from big tech. He just wants big tech to do what he wants when he wants it. And he wants to rile up his base. If he really wanted "freedom" from big tech, he'd close his social media accounts and just never log in

If I were any kind of political cartoonist, I'd draw a cartoon of a big GOP elephant stirring a witch's cauldron full of screaming people, with a big stick. And money spilling over the sides into piles labeled "political grift".
This seems like it would be even more entertaining to actual Americans (who will doubtless spot little details I've missed).

I don't see Palestine going red in 2060, honestly. It's been growing more and more red every year but sounds more likely to still go blue by small margin.
And I think Poland joining is more likely than Catalonia.
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Or that any of our European annexations would vote red.
I can most definitely believe that. It's all about where you draw your borders, of course.
I could see Alberta joining before BC. It would be more likely to have BC, Washington, Oregon and California all join as a new Pacific nation
Boy, Big Head Pedophile and Corpse Face Barbie sure are concerned over how those ANTIFA infiltrators are being treated.