Funny (political, religious) pictures

I'd like to add that those black kids in that class know more Gaelic casually than Tucker Carlson or whoever else is worried about it does, guaranteed.
Modern Irish (or Gaeilge as it sometimes called to distinguish it from Scottish Gaelic) is compulsory education in Ireland up through secondary school. All of those kids can speak at least a little of it and Gaelic traditions and games have always been part of the national curriculum of Ireland. Those kids have probably played (or seen someone play) Rounders, Hurling, as well as Gaelic Football and handball, as well as learned about Beltane, Samhain, Imbolc/St. Brigid's Day, and Lughnasa. Hell, that might even be a Gaelscoil school, where they teach in Gaeilge. The language is still effectively dying at the moment, despite it's heavy use in some rural areas, but it's seen a significant upsurge in learning in urban areas for a lot of the same reasons US parents are starting secondary languages earlier, as well as just cultural pride. Hell, many Irish movies and TV shows get releases in Gaeilge, despite the small audience. Irish Gaelic culture isn't going anywhere.

The real danger right now is White Supremacist organizations co-opting Irish identity and myth to serve their ends. Hell, it used to be a "thing" for White Supremacists of Italian descent in the South to instead claim Irish descent. These organizations don't care about furthering the cause of the Gaelic people's history or culture; they simply desire to use it's ongoing troubles (without mentioning it was the fucking Tudors that ordered it) as an example of something that could happen to so called "white" culture. It's a fucking dog whistle.
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Here's a Canadian Catholic, apologizing to a statue. You know, instead of reflecting on why someone would cover it in red paint and (fucking hilariously) steel wool.

Dang it, I know exactly where you are, too.
(Used to live at 59 & Telegraph, which is also where my cat story came from)