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Today I learned there was a rightwing streaming service for zoomers and holy shit is this funny.

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Two minds about this. On the one hand every dollar spent by investors on this is wasted. Hopefully the well dressed zoomer'll grab enough cash to not have to work his hands to the bone just to eat and keep a roof over his head.

On the other hand we'll be dealing with the grifters that come out of this incredibly piss poor idea for the rest of our lives.
Everything is so phenomenally stupid.

Research by Skowronski et al. (1998) describes a phenomenon known as spontaneous trait transference, as a process by which the very traits we describe in others are attributed to us. Their research further demonstrated this association persists over time.
As soon as I saw that "I own Joe Biden" meme, I immediately thought of:
I've taken that test. Also...
It's such a broken record thing, but I'm really shocked by GOP consistency in the whole "accusing others of things we're actually doing".
I swear it’s getting to the point where “X accuses Y of doing [terrible thing]” should almost be grounds for opening an investigation into X, not Y.
I don't know about that... i've seen way too many people complain about others doing something they also do without a shred of self awareness.

Also, you ever want to piss someone off, criticise them like they criticise others... i've had someone not talk to me for a few days after doing that when i wasn't in the mood for their BS.
And we're sure her and Marjorie aren't just deep-cover Democrats doing this to torpedo the Republicans, right?
Hasn't Trump taught you there's no such thing, and you can only hope that the horribleness will motivate the left leaning non-voters to show up?

The Rep voters will put up with the most horrible behaiviour as long as it makes them feel strong.
I'm just going to assume this is the internet making shit up again; this is funny because it is so absurd it can't be true. Please do not correct me.

Even if it wasn't considered a sin based off of technicalities, at BYU men arent allowed in women's dorms (and vice versa).


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I read somewhere (was it here maybe?) that nothing pisses off Christians more than being expected to act like Christians instead of Romans.