Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats


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I'm not a big fan of Joe Rogan. But this is a very interesting interview that just posted last night. Two real mitigating factors in COVID-19 lethality is smoking and obesity. This is something I had not heard. I mean, it's respiratory so smoking makes sense, but the obesity surprises me.

Pssst... washlet. One of the best purchases I ever made. Keeps you cleaner than TP. Doesn't eliminate the need for it, but will cut usage by a lot.
Or you safe the money, hang your ass over the bathtube and use a showerhead. you can change the temperature, too.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos (primarily) is the richest man on Earth.

MURDER all rich people and hang their bodies upon the ramparts.
Well, it's not like he got rich by sharing the money he didn't need with his employees, is it.

But seriously, killing the rich won't work, we'd just get new rich people pretty fast.

The whole point of taxing them 90% after a certain amount of billions was actually to make sure they instead spend it so they don't have to "lose" all that in taxes.

Add a nice write off for paying their employees more, and you'd have them think it's a way to avoid taxes even.
Yeah, the EFF has been getting pretty vocal about that.
tl:dr; It doesn't actually outlaw encryption, but it does create a situation where it is impossible to implement encryption and still meet the requirements of the law.

And that's why they needed oversight. Because capitalism unfettered will do whatever it wants. (spoiler, this is why libertarianism is bullshit)
Hours after getting billions in bailouts, United Airlines tells their employees they are going to get laid off.

For every billion spent on a bail-out, those 90.000 employees could have gotten a check for 11.000 dollar each. They'd still be out a job, but they'd also have means to last for a while during the search for a new job.
That thing is basically an ice-breaker. It'd be easier to open a bank vault with a butter knife than winning a game of chicken with it.
We still cling to the the hope that maybe common sense isn't partisan. (Well, not really, but it sure would be a nice surprise)
You must be new to Wisconsin. We are the state that elected Ron Johnson and Glenn Grothman, after all.
I assumed my comment was sufficiently sarcastic but just in case it wasnt, i want to be very clear that is *not* cool. Theyre doing everything they can to keep that SCOTSOW locked in with right wing judges forever and ever
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I assumed my comment was sufficiently sarcastic but just in case it wasnt, i want to be very clear that is *not* cool. Theyre doing everything they can to keep that SCOTUS locked in with right wing judges forever and ever
I gotcha, BErt. I know you do whatever you can do to survive the insanity which is Wisconsin these days.
I didn't even know these guys existed and now I really wish I didn't.

BTW this kind of explains some things about my mother, as I noticed her political outlook drastically dived while she lived in Encinitas, CA, and met my step-father, and I guess that is where one of those anchors lives too. She probably watched the channel a lot while still living out there. Now all she watches is Fox and Judge Judy here in Texas.

Speaking of step-father, he is the type of guy that walks around in "Do I look like a give a shit?" t-shirts and just complains about everything. Was quick to call the coronavirus a hoax, or that we were making too big a deal out of it. Now though? Made a post on Facebook that the coronavirus is a sign of the end times and is punishment for all those abortions, gay rights, PC culture, and everything else on the "I hate liberals" bingo card. It made me really uncomfortable, and it was weird because he rarely ever talks about religion in person.

I try to respect them because they do have good qualities like always helping friends and family, but this hate mongering. conspiracy theories, and general intolerance really makes me wonder how much I want them in my kids lives right now. Honestly, I hate the fact that my now liberal leaning views have made me feel like a pariah with both my mother and fathers side of the family. My father has never been a religious or political person, but my step-mother is a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter, and once again it feels like it's impossible to just smile and talk around it when they talk about how "amazing" the Trump rally was, all the while I am trying to not blurt out how much I hate the bastard and have hated him since he was still just a reality TV star and rich conman. I feel like politics is slowly ripping away my family and it's hard to stomach. For now, I just gotta suck it in and hope they do the same.
I didn't even know these guys existed and now I really wish I didn't.
Yeah, I just learned about Brian Timpone today, myself.
The Wikipedia link above said:
Brian Timpone is an American conservative businessman and former journalist who operates a network of procedurally generated news websites. In November 2019, Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism identified over 450 websites linked to Timpone, all of which presented themselves as local news outlets.