Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats


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I read somewhere that it must be really difficult to tell at these militia meetings who is the undercover police officer and who is just there off duty.
I read somewhere that it must be really difficult to tell at these militia meetings who is the undercover police officer and who is just there off duty.
I think we've all heard of the time they had a communist meeting and it turned out everyone there was an instigator, but all from different agencies.


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If you could see my face, you would note a complete lack of surprise.

Amy Coney Barrett initially failed to disclose talks on Roe v. Wade hosted by anti-abortion groups on Senate paperwork

She also signed a letter asking Notre Dame to rescind an award it gave Biden. The letter said "that public officials like Biden have 'an especially grave duty to preserve' life. " :rofl: The fucking hypocrisy. With 212,000 very real deaths from COVID-19 because Trump didn't do his duty to preserve life, there is no grounds to criticize Biden about hypothetical lives.
I read an article recently that hit home why it's going to be hard moving forward as a country, no matter what happens in November, and that's because we no longer share the same reality. A huge chunk of the country have created their own reality based entirely around conspiracy (QAnan, Russian Hoax, Deep State, Pizzagate, etc) and thus people like Trump are heroes that have saved us only to be attacked by conspirators, and it's by the nature of that, they are going to be very difficult to bring back to a shared reality with the rest of the country once Trump is out of office.
You can tell Hannity was trying to setup the narrative too, but McConnell was like "Bitch that was me... hahahaha" forcing Hannity to awkwardly stumble through his next lines. This shit is the worst.
It is a crime, and officials are already investigating it. The problem is the GOP as a whole are just going to use this as a "See!? SEE!? Fraud was sooooo easy!" ignoring the fact that A) they were the ones attempting the fraud, and B) They were caught doing it. It's just how they work.
Yeah, I feel like if that happened here in Ohio, there would be people in jail by tomorrow. Especially after all the fighting about their only being allowed one drop box per voting district.
It’s out here in Cali. The Democrats have a complete lock on the legislature and governor. My state is going to throw the book at these assholes. Most of the state will want nothing less.
Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker.

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(Also Republicans don't really believe any health care is good as far as I can tell, unless it's for them)
I will say one thing, my one solace is that pushing through the nomination in spite of the final wishes of RBG has galvanized Democratic support in the last month to incredible levels. This is the exact opposite of 2016, in which Hilary barely got anyone excited for voting (and she still won the popular vote by millions).

So many people I know are not going to make that mistake again, and people in Democratic areas like Travis and Harris are voting in record breaking numbers. Even should Biden barely lose much like Beto in 2018, we are going to see a huge shift in down ballot races.
Every day that passes, the more they look like Shooter McGavin trying to steal that jacket at the end of the game. They know they’ve lost but they’re still going to try and steal all the jackets before they go.

I would rather we figure out a way to remove justices when they seem partisan or make justices elected rather then appointed.

The fact federal judges are appointed for life by whoever is in power at the moment with no recourse for a bad pick really rubs me the wrong way.
Personally, I wish there was a retention vote on all Justices every X amount of years. We do it for state and district judges, why not the Supreme Court? :p