Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

So my husband and I turned our ballots in at the same time. Both have been registered as received, but only my husband's has been accepted for counting (2 days ago). He's registered Independent and I'm registered Dem. So while it may be nothing, it's making me nervous, since we live in a heavily red county.

Also I voted the same way for the primaries mere months ago, and it's not like my signature has changed between then and now.
I wouldn't be surprised if next they find that Biden himself was communicating with Blexor the Conqueror from Mars by this time next week, and openly smoked a blunt on top of Reagen's grave.
I’m not American but If I were that would make me MORE enthusiastic to vote for him.


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This is such a stupid take:

Voting isn't like a concert, because it's not a limited commodity. There's only one Bette Midler, one Bruce Springsteen, etc. You can't have one person perform "live and in-person" at multiple locations. You can have as many voting locations as you need.

"The only way to alleviate queues is massive overcapacity."

First, if it's necessary, it's not "over-"anything.

Second, there are there are many alternatives. Here's a couple, and I'm not even that knowledgeable on the subject:

a. Mandatory voting. There, completely predictable amounts of voters. No need for "overcapacity". Everyone is automatically registered, everyone is expected to vote, and thus you can reliably know exactly how many voting booths you need. People are pretty damn predictable in large groups when handling necessities.

b. Expand mail-in voting. No need for anyone to wait in line.

" A completely fair per-capita distribution of federal aid to reduce lines would still leave much longer lines in cities. "

This makes ZERO sense. If it were a fair distribution, then how would there be more capacity in some areas? That doesn't make any sense! In what world does a "fair" distribution of funds result in unfair resul... OH! She's using the Republican definition of the word fair.


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It’s out here in Cali. The Democrats have a complete lock on the legislature and governor. My state is going to throw the book at these assholes. Most of the state will want nothing less.
I remain skeptical that any books are going to be thrown.

Did you guys hear? Sen Ron Johnson is claiming now that child porn was also on the magical laptop.

I mean, even ignoring the fact that if true, Rudy and company were carrying out a federal crime by distributing the laptop data and not turning it over to the FBI, this possibly damning information has succeeded in one thing.

In good conscious, I can't vote for Hunter Biden.

I know, I am sorry, but until I know more of the truth, Hunter Biden will have to lose my vote. Tomorrow, I am going to instead vote for Joe Biden. I know this is going to hurt a lot of you, what with Hunter Biden being such a strong political candidate, but it's what I have to do.
I still can't believe a pedophile living in the Philippines has taken such control over so many people.

QAnon is the literal, actual dumbest thing to happen in my lifetime.
I'd say Ron Johnson is the most embarrassing public figure from Wisconsin since Andrew McCarthy, but we also have Glenn Grothman, who is basically Ron Johnson with 1/4 of the brain power.
QAnon is pretty devious when you think about it.

First, start by saying you are working with the President to end Pedophilia. No one likes Pedophilia, so it becomes a smokescreen of all the other stupid shit you do. "You don't like QAnon!? Does that mean you a PEDO?"

Second, make random vague predictions. All are false, but some can be interpreted as having happened but not the way people thought. "He said A would happen but B happened! That is okay though because Trump is just using B to bring down A!"

Third, cover the stuff that can't be interpreted as just part of an even greater hidden plan to throw off the enemies of the state. "So The Storm has not happened yet even when he said it would, but TRUST IN THE PLAN."

Last, use social media to bring them under the flag with a single purpose, add another slogan to make them feel like part of a family. " WWG1WGA! (Where we go one, we go all!)

It really is a cult built off the coattails of Trumpism, and the sad thing is, should Trump lose and even go to prison, these people will still be sitting in their bubbles, claiming it's all part of the plan.
I'd say Ron Johnson is the most embarrassing public figure from Wisconsin since Andrew McCarthy, but we also have Glenn Grothman, who is basically Ron Johnson with 1/4 of the brain power.
Don't forget Robin Vos. (whistles "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" innocently)
It really is a cult built off the coattails of Trumpism, and the sad thing is, should Trump lose and even go to prison, these people will still be sitting in their bubbles, claiming it's all part of the plan.
More than a few have vowed to take themselves and their families out should cheeto lose.
Was proud of my area today, was driving to a recycling center and had to pass through a few neighborhoods I don't normally drive down. Pretty much anyone that had a sign in their yard was Biden / Harris, and the few that had Republicans candidates were mostly missing any Trump / Pence signs. Either they are scared to put them out, they are getting stolen, or they just don't like Trump but still hold on to getting other Republicans elected.

The only sign I did see for Trump / Pence made me chuckle, because it was literally warring neighbors. The two houses were filled to the brim with signs, one for Republicans, and the other for Democrats. Both also had an even larger sign facing at each other that simply said "VOTE REPUBLICAN" and "VOTE DEMOCRAT!" like they were shouting at each other. I wish I was a fly on the wall of those houses when the election is over and they have to keep living next to eachother.


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Fire intentionally set inside ballot box in Baldwin Park, officials say

"Investigators are searching for the person who set a fire inside a ballot drop box in Baldwin Park on purpose, potentially compromising dozens of votes.

"The incident happened around 8 p.m. Sunday near Baldwin Park and Ramona boulevards in front of the city's public library.

"Firefighters say someone purposely tossed burning newspaper into the official drop box. One passerby told Eyewitness News the box looked like a chimney with smoke billowing out of it."

According to Wikipedia, Baldwin Park is about 80% Hispanic/Latino.
Rush Limbaugh's cancer is terminal. I'm trying to be a good person, but I can't help but laugh at this. What a trash human being. When he goes the world will be a brighter, kinder, and smarter place.
I know cancer has caused a lot of suffering but giving it Rush Limbaugh seems excessive.
I think of myself as a good person, but the day McConnel, Rush, Newt, and Trump are gone, I have a feeling I am going to feel extremely content. Like a weight will have lifted off me.

I know they ain't the only ones that have created this terrible timeline we live in, but I blame them the most for spearheading much of it, both in the politics and the social end of it all.
In other news, things are getting a bit insane here in Texas.

For one, there is SO MUCH Democratic momentum. I am getting fliers every day and texts or calls all the time about voting, how to register, how to find my polling place, etc. Honestly, as someone already voting for Joe it's a bit overwhelming. I thought Beto's push last midterm was big, but this is already dwarfing it with every Democrat on the ballot pushing hard.

Don't think the Republicans don't notice it either, they have been trying hard to legally shut down voting options, like drive-in voting that is happening in some counties. A few have tried to call me to vote Republican, even though they know my past votes have been Democratic, and today I got a random ass voice mail on my phone that was just a computer saying "Don't risk it, just stay home". The implication was pretty clear, which makes me so angry.
My ballot still hasn't been accepted for counting after a week, even though my husband's was received and accepted at pretty much the same time.
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I know colorado is a Mail-in state but can you go in-person at some point if need be?
At this point, my ballot has been received, so not really. Eventually they'll tell me if there's some problem with my signature and give me options to fix it if so. There really shouldn't be a problem with it, but I have my suspicions.

That said, I probably could cancel the other ballot and go in person, but it wouldn't be any less of a hassle. My son will vote in person anyways, because he has the handwriting of a 5 year old, and I don't trust signature verification to be fair to him.