Generative Art


Excerpt from Revelations 10 in Bing.

As for GB's post, I assume it was supposed to say "Halforums" somewhere, but I'll be fucked if I can see it.
This conversation is reminiscent of how 15 years ago teens were getting 15khz sine waves for ringtones because the boomer teachers that hated cell phones couldn't hear the frequency.
I'm gonna send this pic to a 21 year old I know, and see if they can spot it...
Nevermind. I pasted it to them in Telegram, and I instantly saw it in the thumbnail and now I can't unsee it.
interestingly, it's even more obvious to me when it's in motion (a la scrolling past it)
Indeed, if I stare at the motionless picture I basically can't see it, but if I rapidly roll my mouse wheel up and down so the picture is scrolling quickly, it pops out very obviously.
I like how the hottest new trend in AI art is the revival of classical art techniques from as far back as hundreds of years ago.