New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)


our Luna. Been doing some more studying on her. We’ve come to the decision that she isn’t half Siberian Husky, but is instead half Alaskan Malamute. The fluff, size of her paws (surprisingly large), spacing of her ears (set more to the side of head instead of on top of head), and general look have all contributed to this decision. One day we’ll probably pay for the dna test for her, but the money isn’t there right now.
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She is a good girl. And I don't like DNA tests on dogs. They are all related.
It can be worth it to figure out genetic risks and warning signs you should be looking out for. There are definitely breeds that benefit from knowing what to expect and when to see your vet.
Because my wife has had a desire to have an orange cat for years, and a coworker of hers had some kittens that needed homes, say hello to our mewest family member, Oliver.

He’s in the kennel, large kennel that will hold a full grown husky, to aid in desensitizing both him, our Luna (Malamute/Border Collie mix) and our fixed male cat Merlin. It’s going well, Oliver has pretty much stopped hissing at Luna (Merlin doesn’t want anything to do with that damn kitten) and has even purposely walked right up to her. Luna seems to think that the hissing is funny and should get dog laughs when it happens.
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