New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

Newest is Oliver, a not even 8 week old orange kitten (Oliver and Company)
Older grey cat, and someone who is a little pissed and us right now is Merlin ( we’ve also called him Hei Hei at times (Sword in the Stone and Moana)
The dog is Luna, a Malamute/Border Collie mix, and absolutely in love with Oliver. (Pixar short La luna)
Not my little fellow. But a weird incident that involved a little cutie.
Guest had the unusual problem with a bat that had gotten trapped in his room. We were able to humanely remove it. Initially we were worried that it was injured and couldn’t fly as he stuck around for a bit, but when I went to check on it again he was gone. So hopefully it was able to fly off.



Not my pet, but some students at my university found a litter of kittens abandoned in a box in a parking lot. They would have been dead from heat exposure if they were left out for much longer, so the students took them in, bottle fed them, and started giving them away. They offered me the last one and I was sorely tempted to bring it home with me.

Alas, the wife and I had agreed a couple years ago that Catness was to be our last cat. We had expected her to live at least another seven or eight years but the agreement still stands.

I think that I don’t just miss Catness. I also miss having a cat, period. Still, I had a good time with that kitten. I held it against my chest so it could feel my heartbeat. It actually curled up in my hands and started to doze.
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A feral cat and her kittens have been hanging around my building on campus. The Mom is quite young and fairly well socialized. She will actually walk up to me and say hello. I feed them when I’m on campus. A TNR group is also there to take care of them.

Oliver, now 51/2 months, had his appointment yesterday to be de-boyed and came through everything fine. He is now officially on the vet records as Oliver Weasley. We also refer to him as the chaos goblin because his main function in life currently seems to be to rile things up by repeatedly attacking both the other pets just because he can.
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Well duh, you go and got a kitty grill and that's what's gonna happen!
(My mother's cats do the same for cable boxes)

Today I was tracked down by the cat distribution system.


I am unsure of this kitty's status, it is very affectionate but also aggressively demanded my attention, tried to jump into our car, and then sat under the car crying for 30 minutes not letting us leave without the risk of hurting it. Taking it to the vet as soon as we can to see if we can figure that out.
Seems ~3 months old, no chip.
Already 5lbs so might be a big girl.
Still not quite sure if Orange or Brown.
She actually really enjoyed being in the kitty backpack so maybe that adventerous spirit will wear off on her new brother.