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Will Chief ultimately survive this encounter?

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Wow... everything went to shit pretty suddenly there.

What's more, now that Chief's gone, Ears is their primary healer, and he's at -8.

... this is how they're all going to go to hell, isn't it.
So my theory about Names

I think as he progresses more and more into a demon he'll get to the point where the rules of demons will apply to him more. Eventually when they absolutely have to get rid of the age I think Thaco will give it to Names, complete his transformation, and use his true name (the name he always wanted to name him instead of the Teller given name) to banish him to hell with the axe.
New update up.

Something just occurred to me... when did Minmax tell the GAP that he traveled with Kin for a while? I don't think that ever came up. Did the conversation happen off-screen? And if Minmax did tell the GAP he adventured with Kin, wouldn't the conversation naturally lead to the fact that Minmax killed the Goblinslayer, and rescued Kin, and loved her? And wouldn't that logically mean the GAP would be much nicer to Minmax?

EDIT: Oh wait, it was when they found the pillars that showed who they loved, wasn't it.
Man, this DM is a dick.
So very true.

They've only got Minmax and Complains available to fight, everyone else is either down or otherwise occupied. And the structure of the demons makes it hard to tell, but it looks like there are multiple flea demons attacking. And while Minmax and Complains both have OP weapons, with Oblivious and the Tumbleblade, how long can they hold out against the demons? Especially since they hate each other?

I'm guessing they're going to end up in trouble against the flea demons, only to be rescued at the last minute by Fumbles, who during the fight has embraced enough imprints to become a very powerful spellcaster. Of course, knowing Thunt, I'm going to be completely wrong, and someone's about to die.

I think Thunt is a giant crustacean from the paleolithic era because he needs Three Flea de(mons) out of nowhere!

But seriously it ain't lookin' good! But I bet fumbles could take a higher number of imprints since he's more powerful already than the average goblin.
So that's the pain cloak, right? So Fumbles will be in crazy amounts of pain but basically invulnerable. He's probably the best one to wear that though. I'm sure he can handle the pain better than anyone else.
According to Thunt's twitter, it's an item called the Shadowflame Cloak, which first appeared in the Goblins: Alternate Realities card game. It was one of the items they pulled out of the loot wall.

He could have taken the 5 or 6 that were there.

Will Kore or the demons try to absorb those souls or something I wonder?
Do you guys recall this image, posted when Thunt was returning from his long hiatus?

Look at the speech bubble near the middle of the speech bubbles.
I suspect it's not Thaco that's going to die, but Ears.
If Fumbles Vorpal Kickasso dies like this, I will be pissed off, but ultimately I think it would be a good and noble death for him. But I'd prefer if he lives.


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If Fumbles Vorpal Kickasso dies like this, I will be pissed off, but ultimately I think it would be a good and noble death for him. But I'd prefer if he lives.
Aw man. Right in the feels. Poor Minmax.

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