Official Halforums Meet-ups

Hey! I could've been there, but nobody told me!

It wasn’t planned, it was a missed flight, and even though I’m only 40 minutes from the airport we were only able to visit for just under an hour before he had to go.

Still, I should’ve texted you once I found out, sorry!
I doubt this'll be the last time there's a China trip, and DTW does seem to be the place where they like to start from, so I'm sure we'll get more chances. Just not right away.



Yeah what the heck is this meeting up in detroit without a warning yeesh :(

I likely couldnt have made it anyway yesterday oh well

I’m gonna bring @Emrys to Detroit and keep her all to myself :p
Gonna be in Houston Aug 10th, 11th and 12th.
I have a prior engagement Saturday night, but if anyone is around and wants to grab coffee, lunch or whatever any other time, I'd be down.
Well, I made it to my hotel without dying in a plane crash, getting in a wreck on i-45, or getting mugged when I went to walmart in Oak Creek :D
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By the way, a heads up for anyone who may be coming to Phoenix anytime soon: first of all, monsoon season is probably the worst time of year to visit, because in addition to the tail end of "OMGWTFHOT" you also get routine dust storms that turn into full-on thunderstorms that make anything you pansies in the Midwest get seem tame. Second of all, please realize that the Phoenix metro area is big. REALLY big. We've got more land area in Maricopa County than the state of New Jersey. So if you're asking me to meet you in Glendale or Peoria, fugeddaboudit.