The Dream Thread

Just woke up from a nightmare involving zombies that go only by sound or touch. Kind of like Train to Busan or, of course, The Last of Us. Only they were regular zombies, not clickers. It felt more like A Quiet Place but with zombies.

They were also self aware, so they would also speak. Not just "Brains!" but full sentences like "I think someone's here!" (and yet others wouldn't swarm to their own voices).

So there were apparent "safe zones" in certain areas, like a room that's been heavily carpeted.

Any little noise would send a swarm after you. And course, they're quickly distracted by another noise so I'd throw a rock at a car or something.

Oddly, touch didn't always work, either. I'd brush up or bump into one and they'd grab around saying "Is someone there?"

Anyway, it was obviously a pretty high tension dream. More tense than really full on terrifying to me.
Totally unrelated, I now have a great idea for a new AR mobile game.



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Except for the touch thing, that kinda reminds me of Highschool of the Dead. The zombies there reacted mostly to sound, and while they weren't blind, they couldn't see well. And their sense of touch was almost completely gone. The humans found they could actually move down a hall with zombies in it if they used a mop handle to gently move zombies out of the way while being silent. But you make the slightest noise...


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I had a dream last night that I failed an important college class and got addicted to crack.

I mean, kind of odd since college was 20 years ago and the "crack" I got addicted to was dissolved in water instead of smoked and tasted suspiciously like energy drink...
I dreamt last night that I had tentacles, and I used them to swing across rooftops, like Spider-Man.

Strangely enough, it didn't occur to me in the dream at all to use my tentacles for... other... purposes.
I dreamed that I traveled back in time to prevent covid.

Only once I arrive I realized that I was infected with it and now I was the original source of the outbreak.