It might be cocobolo, which has vibrant colors like that and is very popular for expensive knife handles. Interesting damascus pattern. It looks like an odd variation of pool-and-eye damascus or jelly roll damascus.
I've had some whistles made out of dymondwood. It usually has much more regular layers, but I can't tell enough about the handle topography to say if the variation we see in the layers is due to the handle shape. I can't rule it out. It looks a lot like dymondwood.

It doesn't really look like any cocobolo I've ever seen, and I've made a few whistles out of the stuff myself. But I can't say that I'm a bonafide expert in the wood.

(I only comment at all because both of these materials are very popular for pennywhistles)
Dymondwood got popular because it was an "engineered" wood that was also deliberately layered with contrasting not-found-in-Nature colors, and it was popular on knife handles, gun grips, and bow risers in the mid-to-late 80's. And until seeing these posts I didn't realize the factory that made it burned down in late Summer of 2014. But those multicolor laminates often get referred to as "Dymondwood" no matter who made them the same way that people call all tissues "Kleenex" regardless of brand.

As of about 45 minutes ago, we got the last stuff put in our garage and locked the door of our apartment for the last time.


We paid a moving crew to do the furniture and all the boxes that we had packed yesterday, made a couple of trips today to get the last of it and clean the place up. Not counting on getting deposit back, but could use the money of course. We know the plan for the apartments to to rip everything out (carpet, bathroom and kitchen flooring) and put down laminate flooring throughout and paint it all the new paint scheme. We left the place nice, almost like when we moved in 11 years ago. It shows some wear and that it's been lived in and not refreshed in those 11 years.

Still trying to find some stuff that was misplaced by the help we had here at the house, one box in particular that has my cheater glasses and my kindle in it. But all is good, but imma gonna hurt in the morning.
You're still doing better than VGCats or Goblins.
Or the comics that teh Kurtz is working on. Table Titans used to be regularly and frequently updated. Then he had some family issues. I get that, but the updates have slowed to a trickle.
Or the comics that teh Kurtz is working on. Table Titans used to be regularly and frequently updated. Then he had some family issues. I get that, but the updates have slowed to a trickle.
Not only did Ding! wither and die, but it's hard to find evidence it even existed. Which is sad, because a lot of those characters were guildmates, and some of the stuff really happened. Like our main tank accidentally disenchanting his weapon during a raid.
I'm old enough to remember Tales by Tavernlight, which was set in the Ultima Online universe. I got the feeling that people who didn't like UO really carried a grudge against that game.
I wrote a story this past July that I ended up not really liking, but Julie liked way more than I expected, so I kept pushing it to places. It's likely my most rejected story for being submitted so much. Today I told her that I had to put it aside, no one wants it, and submitting it feels like cheating on my rejection quota, which I don't want to do in the new year. I would let it be in the two places that still had it, but wouldn't be submitting it anymore.

Half an hour ago, I get an email accepting it, and it's from the one that's a paying venue. I'd already moved it to my graveyard folder this afternoon, and then had to move it to my accepted folder. :confused:

Julie, of course, could not stop laughing!

This also means that every story I wrote during summer/Q3 2018 has been published or is accepted to be published.
What the damn hell? I actually did some writing tonight for the first time in like...a year or two?!

@Hailey Zero Mission posted a link on Twitter for an upcoming anthology. The theme is the end of the world, but involving animals in some way. 7000 word limit.

I immediately thought of a story for Dill.

880 words later and that's probably the most new material I've written in God knows how long.



Staff member
My daughter got the job here at the university! She's going to have benefits! Insurance! A stable job! No weekends!

Holy shit! She is SO excited! And she's going to make more money than she ever has before.
That is amazing!!!
I feel for her, though. Carpooling with someone who thinks they're funny can be annoying at the best of times, and this is an extreme case ;)

(I'm very happy for her, of course )
No, certainly not the guy. That was why the Dave family has a new place. (I forget what thread he talked about it in.) I thought Sammy (sp?) was with Dave at the new place, too, however.
No, I'm pretty sure she has a new guy.