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This is a potentially fun concept, but the execution is so horrible that I just could not put it in the awesome videos thread.

"Monsters Inc Multiverse"

TL;DW someone used the Unreal 5 engine to put a lot of random characters onto the Monsters Inc scare floor. It has horrible shaky-cam, and for some reason includes Chewbacca as a monster alongside Slenderman, Last of Us clickers, L4D tank, Doom Cadodemon, a T-Rex, a Demogorgon, Jabba the Hut, Darth Maul, Pennywise, etc, etc.

The second video is a view from the other side of the door, where Geralt the Witcher, Gears of War, Ash Williams, Ray Stantz, Issac (Dead Space), Dante (Devil May Cry), Doomguy, etc. are all waiting in a child's bedroom to ambush the monsters. It also features horrible shaky cam, and does nothing with the characters besides have them present. It's a reference! People like references.