[Other] The not so funny pic thread (some NSFL or gore)


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It's gotten to the point where I honestly can't remember if it was Icarus or Iaculus who had a very mature girlfriend for her age.
Icarus was the 20+ guy dating the 14 year old. Iaculus was caught in the crossfire, which sucked because he was a nice guy.


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This is the best thread I could think of to put this in, if anyone has better ideas...

An online magazine that offers audio narrations of the essays it publishes thought it would be okay to take an essay from a black woman, written about black musicians, edited by a black man and have it read by a white guy who did a badly stereotyped accent when speaking an essay that starts "I’m a southern Black woman.."

How do you fuck up that badly!? Apparently by being really really fucking lazy. "I didn’t listen to it before I posted it." That's just the last bit of lazy that makes it obvious that too many corners are being cut by this magazine. At least he admits that he was racist.

The voice actor's Tearful YouTube Apology Video™ is much much worse. "Though I know that no apology is good enough to forgive my actions." Just stop. Don't make this about you.

One of the tweets the author of the essay responded with: