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Don't forget, if you're one of those ancient eldritch beings whose clocks don't reset themselves... it's biannual chronoinsanity time.



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If anybody's wondering if anybody has actually found out in a practical manner how many jpg images it takes to fill a gig of space, I now have, and the answer is 2,763.
That's an average of 388kb per picture. The largest resolution image in the bunch is 10368x6772 at 6748kb, the smallest being 264x352 at 11kb.

The thumbs.db file for the folder is 8,920kb
Can confirm, I have very few JPGs and very many video files.

You can actually trace the evolution of video file formats by examining the dates of the files on my porn drives. They go from MPEG to AVI to RM to WMV to MP4.
I know St. Patrick's Day has basically been bastardized in the US, to the point where it's "slap on green and call it Irish", but WHY am I seeing THIS listed as a St. Patrick's Day shirt, Target?!?
So I'm in the deep far north of Alberta right now and everything up here is so expensive. Except the chicken and fried potato section of the grocery store. I feel like these prices are like a decade out of date. I can't buy ingredients and eat this cheaply. I'm going to gain so much weight living on mediocre fried chicken and incredibly delicious battered potato wedges.


Does that say keel and ribs? Which parts are those?

I am a sucker for potato wedges. Especially if they are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yum.
Also random lol when kfc tried to claim that cutting the chicken into smaller pieces while not reducing the cost per piece was a good thing. This lasted like a month before they reverted.
Guy at work tonight got his face smashed by a roll-up door. Lost his three front teeth. Had to ambulance out.

None of the rest of us were there…but how does a roll-up door hit you in the mouth?
Was he lying face-up underneath the door, like he was about to be guillotined?