According to my Fitbit, part of my morning route included swimming across Lake Banook. And cutting right through several houses.

Either that or my bike is suddenly amphibious.

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Just for proof that I didn't swim in the lake or chase after Fitbit-stealing beavers, I filmed my ride this morning.

Actually, I used a feature on the GoPro Quik app I hadn't used before. It automatically edits my footage for me. So it took what was originally about 20 minutes of footage and cut it down to about 2 minutes. It even automatically added in cuts and music. And honestly, for a quick edit, it's pretty good. The only thing I edited myself was the video title. All the cuts and flourishes were untouched.

I'll probably play around with it more in the future, but for a first time automated editing thingy, I think it turned out pretty good.

Guy at work tonight got his face smashed by a roll-up door. Lost his three front teeth. Had to ambulance out.

None of the rest of us were there…but how does a roll-up door hit you in the mouth?
Especially since most I know have a sensor that stops the door from closing when tripped.
So he must have been in a very strange position to have his face in the path of the closing door while NOT tripping the sensor at the same time.


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I knew several people in high school who drank caffeinated soda and coffee all day and were like "yeah, caffeine just doesn't effect me, I have no problem falling asleep at night". I wonder how many of them were ADHD and basically self-medicating.
I knew several people in high school who drank caffeinated soda and coffee all day and were like "yeah, caffeine just doesn't effect me, I have no problem falling asleep at night". I wonder how many of them were ADHD and basically self-medicating.
To be honest, I never had a problem falling asleep after drinking caffeinated drinks. And I don't take any medication.
I’ve never had any more trouble falling asleep after caffeine than I did without caffeine, unless I consumed enough as to make my gut upset.

While I don't have anything that needs self-medicating, once I hit my late 20's, I was down for coffee anywhere, anytime. The last few years, however, caffeine has been like Russian roulette for me. Most of the time I can have a coffee or tea, even in the evenings, and I'll sleep like normal. But every once in blue moon, my body/brain is like, "OH, WE STAYING UP TONIGHT?! ALL NIGHT?!? KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, THIS BRAIN AIN'T SHUTTING OFF!!!!".
You generally develop caffeine tolerance pretty quickly, I don't think it's that weird that people who drink caffeine all day don't have problems falling asleep. I don't generally take in caffeine, but once in a while I'll buy a case of Coke Zero or something. First day or two I'll be up half the night if I drink one with dinner, but after that I don't notice much difference.


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If you really want to know what the difference his between a Millenial and a Zoomer, it's in the first second of the videos they record for the internet.

Lots of the (damn) kids on Tiktok have been roasting each other over the "Millenial Pause" and the "Gen-Z Shake."

And I, as Generation-X, am of course learning about this some days/weeks later by way of a post on a news website.

So basically, at the risk of making a "white people drive like this but black people drive like THIS" joke, how it goes is:

Millenials are motionless for about the first second of their videos, because being the generation that grew up with the growing pains of tech, they're used to a device not ACTUALLY recording until a few seconds have passed AFTER you hit record, so if you started talking the instant you hit record, the recording would start into your third or fourth word. This has conditioned Millenials to wait, and "check and make sure" recording is actually going before they start talking. But apparently this bothers Zoomers SO much that a lot of them will actually expend the effort to recue the video past the pause, even though it's usually 1 second or less. (You know, because Zoomers CANNOT STAND A SINGLE MOMENT WHERE HIGH BANDWIDTH CONTENT TRANSFER IS NOT OCCURRING OR THEIR ADHD WILL INSTANTLY RENDER THEM COMATOSE)

Zoomers do not place the camera before hitting record, they hit record and then put the camera down, meaning the first second is almost always unwatchable (to anyone over the age of 20) earthquake footage. But being kids, stupid shit doesn't bother them, and in fact it sometimes even becomes a signature of pride. It's become so prevalent to the point where kids will just shake their camera when they hit record just because "that's what you do to start a video" even if they're not putting the camera down.

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Just had a customer who accidentally overpaid on an online bank payment. They missed a decimal or something and accidentally paid over $9,000. They were only supposed to pay like $90.00.

They were literally the over 9000 meme.
Did you reassure them and let them know that theres no way that could be right?
Not just old wives' wisdom. Straight from one of the clinicians in my department. Typical ADHD medication is a stimulant. Caffeine does the same thing.
Right. Was just saying that the affect of stimulants on hyperactive children was noticed as a "folk remedy" long before medical trials/research confirmed it.
DISCLAIMER: Obviously not all folk remedies are actually effective/based in reality. But some are.