The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)

Not white, not a virgin, not English, commoner, divorced, already a celebrity, American, put no effort into learning what she was getting into and marrying, chose not play the game with the press and was marrying the favoured Prince of England. It was never going to end well.
Also 'not Kate'.
Actually American socialites marrying British Aristocracy was quite popular back then. A fresh influx of Yankee bucks kept the castles afloat.

But a DIVORCED woman marrying the King?!

=faints into his hobo patch=
Isn’t the next King married to one?
Yes, but in order to marry him it had to first be known that she would never take the title "Princess of Wales", nor upon his ascent to the throne would she ever be "Queen Camilla". Granted that's mostly because she's Not Diana but her divorced status probably played into it a bit as well.