The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)

I love how completely useless most online retailers who sell third party products have become. Amazon and Walmart and Best Buy etc all just wastelands of cheap, falsely advertised trash.
I fucking hated dealing with the Best Buy marketplace when I worked there. It had just started and it was easier, though maybe not a wise career move, to actively discourage people from buying from them. Not necessarily because things were garbage but rather because if you bought something from there and had an issue with it, good luck getting a return. Best Buy wouldn't do them in store for marketplace items, you had to contact the seller through their page and hope they accepted it. And then the return process itself for them was needlessly convoluted as another barrier even if they did accept.

And that was on top of the stuff sold there being trash.
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Every 4.7 days a truck gets stuck in the tolls on the bridges in our city. After 40 years they sre installing warning bars.

Bah! Now what will we laugh at?