[Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

This just felt like more of an appropriate spot

*Deep Movie Trailer Voice* "In a world where these two could have co-existed . . . AWESOMENESS would have happened."
Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell just seem like cool guys in a way that I assume most Hollywood people are not. Like, I'm sure most of them are nice and all, but I bet either one of these two would make the best party guests.
That trailer already has one huge thing going for it — it doesn’t have a Mark Elliott-style voiceover calling off the name of the actor voicing each of the characters.

Also RIP Mark.



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Clifford, in illustrated format, raises a lot of questions, but can be dismissed because it's clearly a cartoon.

This is terrifying.
That scene with the large inflatable balls has a real fridge-horror to it. Must be terrifying to the person Clifford chased, especially once the ball deflated. Giant red creature hunts you down, and then turns the protective ball into a plastic bag that offers no protection and is suffocating you as you're dragged off to an unknown end. :eek: