Weird weather

Far be it from me to be a complete doomer, but living in the heat dome for the last week and shit like this:

I would be planning my exit from the coast toot sweet.
I'm pretty sure we've already long passed the point of no return on global warming and we're all fucked. But hey, let's keep minimalizing and denying. In 20 years we'll all say it's so great and we're so lucky to be living in our floating pod bays. Remember the good old days when you could walk outside and survive in the sun for more than 20 minutes? Hah, good times.


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Left Omaha yesterday morning for vacation. This morning got an email from our power company about “the strongest storms to hit the area in recent memory.” As of 9 am CT this morning there were 100,000 out of power thanks to downed power lines & trees downed. Called Zach & we never even flickered.
Dust storm, severe T-storm warnings.

Wind enough last night that it ripped the flag holder away from the side of the house.

Lightning and very loud rain tonight. Power’s still on, though.
We have been struggling with a lot of rain lately. Now the west of Germany has been hit hard by a storm and heavy rain that flooded some cities. At least 44 people died, many are still missing.

Some areas in Belgium are also affected.
Some dozen fatalities and a couple of billions estimated in damages so far in Belgium, but the waters are receding.
I know a few people whose entire house is probably ready for the tear-down. We live right next to one of the rivers that flooded further upriver, but in our area water basins and flood protection areas (that is, meadows and pieces of nature reserve that are intended to be flooded occasionally) did their job and we were spared. Well, some flooded basements and such, but the serious flooding was avoided here.
We're seeing longer, drier and hotter droughts; wetter, more intense, more damaging storms; more concentrated rainfall and far more strong winds than even 10 years ago, let alone 30-40 years ago. Europe is turning as inhospitable as America (you crazy people living in tornado alleys, tropical hurricanes, and deserts).

Some areas got approximately 1/4 of their average annual rainfall in less than 24 hours.
And now, because of the flooding, that's been a pretty massive earth landslide in Germany, rendering half a town inaccessible and covering quite a few houses... With people still trapped inside.
That's not good. :(

Flagstaff's experienced something similar: remember all those wildfires we had earlier this year? Well, they had to cut long swaths of firebreaks to stop some of them. As the monsoon season has started in great earnest, the rain that we so desperately need has turned those firebreaks... into newly-formed mud-flooding channels.

A little sample:
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Walking outside is absolutely horrible. It’s so hot and sticky, combined with the smoke it’s unbearable. I can’t imagine what it’s like closer to the fires.
It has been raining since about 9 PM MST last night. There have been Flash Flood warnings in the Valley, and most of Central Arizona is getting doused with rain.

The forecast is for this to continue pretty much into the weekend - though it will let up during the day (since that's what happens in arid locales).

This... could get interesting.