Weird weather


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So, once Ida powered through Louisiana, it turned northeast. And Central New Jersey is under water.


So, uh, here's hoping our NJ HFers check in. I saw Null online on steam 2 hours ago. Paging @Celt Z ?
We're fine here! As I was telling @GasBandit , we've lucked out both during Superstorm Sandy and Ida that we got a lot of rain, but none of it stayed around. Fortunately, our house is on the top of a hill. However, a lot of the areas around us are fucked up. Route 18, next to Rutger University is completely underwater and so many spots we've been to/lived in/friends live it are just nightmares.
I'd normally say something snarky about "rain" and "winter" but the way we got dumped on earlier this month, I ain't sayin' nothin'.

I'm just wishing it'd get down below 100F during the day.
Just fyi I live right near where Nicholas came ashore (brazoria county). No power at my house still, but also no damage except for the food that's going to spoil. Tons of uprooted trees in my city with no estimate of when power will be back on.
Still 4200 people in my city without power, I'm one of those. They are hoping to have 2k more people online by the end of the day today. Hoping I'm one of them
I have a friend with a lake on his property. Today's rain raised his lake by over a foot. According to his math, he had 1,000,000 gallons of water fall on his property today.