Welp... (Leyla has joined the battle)

For stienman, it was Tuesday.

Of course, it's actually Monday, but stieny's lost count. You know, with all the kids and such. ;)


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A friend of mine just had triplets. All boys.

I need a picture of Oprah yelling, "Babies! Everyone gets a baby!"

(How is babby formed?")


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Screenprint that until her first date and then bring it out for the boyfriend. From your balls, man.


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So, how are you gonna handle coming home? Will you find a cliff for some Lion King action, or wait for nightfall and re-enact Roots?
Congrats Jay.

Now, if anyone ever tried to tell you "May you live in interesting times," you can tell them that it's too late now, you have a daughter.
I'm the idiot who saw this when posted, said aloud, "That's awesome, Jay" as if I was on vent, and then moved along without friggin' posting.

Congratulations, Jay. This is indeed awesome.
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Just an early warning to @Jay - @Iaculus may be a-poundin' on your door soon, wanting to move in. Be ready.

Errr....Fixed that for you? Or something? :confused:

Also, I demand the thread title be updated. To, like, at least the right date :p DEMAND I TELL YOU! Or you shal....errr....Feel my apathy? I dunno, I sort of lost steam there.