Whats for Dinner?

Been so busy with this move and all of the job stress that I haven't really cooked in a while.

Tonight's dinner: Moroccan style chicken, lentils and tomatoes
Using up the last of my Wagyu beef while the ladies are out of town.
Soup with wagyu, shiitaki, noodles, dashi, shoyu and onions.

Added about 2 cups of dashi to a pot, brought to a boil. Added green onions (whites sliced on the bias, green ends chopped fine) and shiitaki. Let cook a minute or two. Added some rice noodles I had in the cabinet, along with the wagyu. Added some shoyu and a big pinch of salt. Let cook until the noodles were soft.

Between the wagyu and the shiitaki, this dish is so full of umami. It's not any kind of authentic Japanese that I'm aware of, since I just threw it together, but it's pretty freaking amazing.
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